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ZAGREB, 2015: The Bristol HHH Croatian Tour.

Run 1255, 3rd September 2014. The Horseshoe, Chipping Sodbury. Hare: Fat Controller. >>

Spider's Seaside/Train Hash to Weymouth. August 2014.
A splendid time was had by all!

Lots more pictures from Weymouth by 3/4d. >>

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Run 1247, 9th July 2014: The Rose and Crown, Pucklechurch. Hare: Stiff. >>

Magical Mystery Tour pictures. 14th September 2013. >>

The Twelfth Magical Mystery Tour, September 2013.

Hare and Organiser: Fat Controller.

Gazza's review:

Another hash day out survived!

And another fine bit of organising by FC. Of course the mystery of a start from Castle Cary and a finish one stop up the train line at Bruton. Another surprise was that the flour held up pretty well despite some heavy rain over the night between the event and when the trail was marked out. Only one significant lost direction for some of us FRBs round a maize field but we caught up in time for the On Inn.

A fine viewpoint early on apparently over a pet food factory but Glastonbury Tor caught the eye instead for me. Unknown and pretty countryside in fine weather.

Two pub stops on the trail itself, one in Castle Cary and one later. Just right.

Not the longest misery run (well not compared to the Westbury to Frome half marathon a while back). And perhaps more Tarmac than usual but the pub at the end was a gem and worth not rushing for a visit. Fantastic meal laid on for us, well cooked, good portions (especially for those quick enough for seconds). Pudding too!

Unfortunately the easy going conversation got interrupted by a cross between university challenge and an Oxbridge entrance exam. 180 questions in a Le Caniveau 'pub quiz'. Bring back Puki! And where were the celebrity tittle tattle rounds and FA cup winners over the years.....?

Once we got our brains back in sync Rebore did some (I'm afraid to say) as usual entertaining down downs. And Le C did some annual awards. Apparently I'm farter of the year!

Then either a 45 minute walk to the train station or a cadged lift by some. And that variation in modes of transport led to the great Scoop and Trolley mix up. A story to be told in person but involving drunkeness, missed train, frantic mobile calls, taxis etc. all sorted in the end. But the hash will be contributing towards a young offenders style ankle tag to help Scoop out in the future, by keeping tabs on Trolley.

An eventful day, good fun and I'm knackered......

1200th run at The Beaufort Arms, Wednesday, 28th August 2013. >>

Inaugural meeting of the Northend Sumo Clarinetists Club.

Current membership: 0|0|1

Second joint K&A and BOGS run.

20th June 2012, The Pelican Inn, Chew Magna.

Hares: Fat Controller and Brigadoon.

First joint K&A and BOGS run.

27th July 2011, The Pelican Inn, Chew Magna.

Hares: Fat Controller and Brigadoon.


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