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RunDateLocationOS refHare(s)
158527/01/21 The Crown, Bathford Hill, Bathford, B&NES BA1 7SL. Off the A362 NE of Bath.ST789669Miles
158603/02/21 T.B.A.Rapunzel
158710/02/21 The Roundhill Centre, 53 Mount Road, Southdown, Bath, B&NES BA2 1LG. Park in local roads around St Barnabas Church.ST725634No Shirt
12th February 2021: National (UK) Palindrome Day.
158817/02/21 Contact Spiderman to set this hash.
158924/02/21 Compton Dando, B&NES BS39 4JZ. A mile or so due S of Keynsham, off the B3116/A39. Park near The Compton Inn, Court Hill.ST649645L'Escargot
1st March: St David's Day.
159003/03/21 Park near The Lock Keeper, Keynsham, B&NES BS31 2DD. Off the A4175, NE of Keynsham.ST660690Fruitcake
159110/03/21 Contact Spiderman to set this hash.
17th March: St Patrick's Day.
159217/03/21 Contact Spiderman to set this hash.
159324/03/21 Contact Spiderman to set this hash.
159431/03/21 Contact Spiderman to set this hash.
Sunday, 4th April: Easter Sunday.
23rd April: St George's Day.
30th November: St Andrew's Day.

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