All runs start at 7.30 pm on Wednesdays, except where shown. Bring a torch in Winter.
RunDateLocationOS refHare(s)
Saturday, 22nd June: The world-famous Hotwells Twenty hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers. 33rd glorious year! Twenty pubs, twenty drinks (can be halves, non-alcoholic it's up to you!). Details, including full itinerary and Tasting Notes on the website.
151226/06/19 Joint run with Mersea HHH. The Dog and Fox, Ashley Road, Bradford-On-Avon BA15 1RT. From Bath turn right off the A363 as you approach Bradford-On-Avon.ST818617Shrimp and Baguette
151303/07/19 Summer barbecue. Spider's Web, Cadbury Road, Keynsham BS31 1JW. Off Coutenay Road, which is off the Wellsway. Please advise if hashing to assist catering planning.ST660667Sir Spiderman
151410/07/19 The Seven Stars, North Road, Timsbury. Turn left (E) off the A39 S of Marksbury onto the B3115.ST670589Chickpea
151517/07/19 The Red Lion, Wolverton, Bath BA2 7QS. On the A36 S of Bath.ST791540Pinky
151624/07/19 T.B.A.Fruitcake
151731/07/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
151807/08/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
151914/08/19 T.B.A.Sir TFC
Saturday, 17th August: Saddle up for Lunchi's Bike Ride. Details on the website.
16th-19th August 2019: Eurohash. Edinburgh, Orkney, Shetland, Glasgow.
152021/08/19 T.B.A.Le Caniveau
23rd-26th August 2019: UK Nash Hash at Kelso, Scotland.
152128/08/19 T.B.A.Sir Spiderman
152204/09/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
152311/09/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.
152418/09/19 T.B.A.No Shirt
152525/09/19 See Sir Spiderman to set this hash.

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