~ The Kennet and Avon Hash House Harriers ~

If you have found some suspicious-looking white powder around your locality, it could just be a Hash!
"Hashing" is a sociable way for people of all ages to meet for some outdoor non-competitive exercise, and groups get together almost every day around the world. Our runs are set, a few hours in advance, by the "hare", on public paths and roads using blobs of plain flour every 20 or 30 metres, and sometmes a circle, cross or "T". Chalk or, rarely, sawdust is also used. Every few years a member of the public finds part of a trail and rumours of burglars' signs, pet poisoning and other horrors spread. Firstly, as far as we know, very few hashers are convicted burglars. Secondly, many hashers are pet owners, some bring their dogs with them, and are very mindful of wildlife and farm livestock when setting, and running, trails. If you are worried about the recent appearance of some powder on the ground in your local area, and have found this website, look at the lists of runs and check if one has been set near you. If it has, please leave the trail in place to ensure that runners pass quickly through the area; destroying it will mean that runners have to spend longer finding the way and, unlike the "hare", may not be familiar with public footpaths (or previous agreements with landowners). The next rain shower should remove all traces. Come along to the pub to find out more.