Haggis Bash, 2007.
The Haggis returns to the Forest of Dean! 2nd-4th February 2007.
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chuckle brothers make their kilts clem whiskey and fags down downs 2 down downs 3 down downs 1 down downs 4 down downs 4a down downs 5 down downs 6 down downs 7 fred haggis1 haggis2 haggis3 haggis4 haggis5 haggis6 haggis7 haggis neeps tatties main weekend activity Park End - literally parkend station - but no train pyscho hodges saturday hash1 saturday hash2 saturday hash3 saturday hash4 saturday hash5 saturday hash6 saturday whiskey stop1 saturday whiskey stop2 saturday whiskey stop3 smart as well as pretty smile please start of saturday hash2 sun worshipping sunday hash1 sunday hash start care in the community toasty hands wedding plans progress what does she see in him

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