Committee 2001 - 2002

Grand Master: Paul "Le Caniveau" Hodges.
Deputy Dawg: Jed "Doggy-style" McCarthy.
Joint Master & Hare Raiser: Dave "Sweatmonster" Battye.
Joint Master: Dave "Public Enema" Iles.
On-Sec: Mark "Tablewhine" Young.
Hash Cash: Paul "Fat Controller" Mountford.
Stats, Mag and Webshite: Wolfie.
Religious Advisor: Dan "Lightning" Blewitt.
Beer Master and Write-Up Coordinator: Steve "Lunchbox" Green.
Hash Horn: Tom "Quarter-pounder" Abery
Mee-mee: Alan "Spiderman" Chamberlain.
Foreign Correspondent: Kathy "Ryde" Godfrey.
Hash Haberdasher: Steve "Sleepy" Lucas.
Social Committee:
  • "Soprano" (Chair)
  • "Jed",
  • "Our Kid",
  • "Mad Max",
  • "Sweaty",
  • "Ryde",
  • "Lightning"