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What you've missed:

This section provided mainly to help older members remember what they've been doing.
  • Friday 28th February 2020: An Evening in Kingsdown! A stroll through this interesting and, for some, undiscovered part of Bristol.
    Meeting around 7:00pm at The Hare On The Hill, 41 Thomas Street North, Bristol BS2 8LX. Moving on to take in four or five other lovely locals.

  • Saturday, 25th January 2020:

    Bristol Hash House Harriers proudly present:
    Robbie Burns' 261st Birthday Haggis Hash

    ~~ "it's what he would have wanted©"  ~~
    This year's extravaganza will start at Stapleton Road railway station BS5 0ND at 12.00 noon. The hash, including beer stop and whisky stop, is followed by a two-course haggis meal in a north Bristol pub (proper haggis, veggie haggis and non-haggis options available) all for only £20.00.
    Let Le Caniveau (paulhodges723@yahoo.co.uk) know if you're coming and your meal option choice before Monday 20th January 2020. Otherwise you might not be able to go!
    The day will probably include:

    Excellent hash trail, with stops;
    Haggis (or alternative);
    Traditional neeps and tatties;
    Robbie Burns' dramatic and poetic haggis address (may contain dirks);
    Highland games;
    Drams, booze (not all included in price).


  • The 2019 Bristol Hash House Harriers' Christmas Cracker Crawl - BH3C3.
    Saturday, 21st December 2019.

    BH3C3 will be a combined A to B hash, pub crawl and festive meal (well, curry). Wear something Christmassy. If you want to. No pressure.
    Meeting at Lyons Den,
    121 Regent Street,
    Kingswood BS15 8LJ,
    at 2:30pm - depart 3:00pm.
    A few other quality pubs will be visited, en route to the final destination - Fishponds!
    Book in advance (HBK, Sir TFC or Lunchi) for a guaranteed curry, in Fishponds, at 6:00pm. Otherwise you'll probably still get in (or there are many other eateries/drinkeries available in the area).

    NOTE: This will be a QUALITY DO - no fuckin' riff-raff©, please.

  • ~ Strictly Come Dansaking® ~

    The hasher formerly known as Lunchbox
    in association with The Bristol Hash House Harriers
    proudly presents

    "The taste of The East!"
    The 99th* Annual Curry Night!

    "It's a (prawn) cracker!"

    Date: Friday, 25th October 2019.

    This year we will be mostly eating at:

    Msala Library,
    15 High Street,
    Easton BS5 6DL.

    Tables booked for 7.30pm.

    If you have any particular dietary requirement (veggi, vegan, lactose/gluten intolerant, don't like currys, foreign food, etc), please let Lunchi know, with your next-of-kin details, in advance.
    NOTE: Warm-up pub will be The Greenbank, 57 Belle Vue Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6DP. From 6:00pm onwards.
    The event is nearly sold out, so get your booking in to Lunchi ASAP!

    Contact Lunchi (m:07771330149) for more details.
    Note: This is a Lunchi/BH3 Class Event!

    * May include annual curry nights from more than one source.
    Terms and conditions apply. Curries can go up as well as down.

  • Saturday 17th August 2019: Saddle Up for Lunchi's Bike Ride!

    Start at Warmley, where the Bristol/Bath cycle track crosses the A420 (approx. BS30 5JB).

    0915hrs: briefing;
    0930hrs: start.
    Return by late afternoon but timing/shortcuts make this very flexible.
    Lunchi says: "The all-new route will take us through some lovely countryside. It's a fairly flat course but a few hills are inevitable. As usual, we'll stop for coffee, lunch and beer. The ride is taken at a 'modest pace' but a certain amount of fitness will be essential. Your bike should be fitted with a bell. You're welcome to bring a friend."
  • Saturday, 4th August 2019:
    Soprano's famous annual Charity Auction goes to Iron Acton!
    for this year's deserving charity,

    The 2019 Bristol Hash Charity. Since 1997, "Street Life" has provided hot meals, drinks, soup, cold meal packs and clothing on the street. Our volunteers are drawn mainly from local churches and others from the community. Occasionally, we are joined on the street by groups from business, schools and youth on community projects.
    Start collecting your hash memorabilia and any other items for auction. Also "promises" very welome, too.
    More details to follow.

  • Saturday, 22nd June 2019:
    The world-famous Hotwells Twenty, hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers!
    Thirtieth (or thereabouts) glorious year!
    One drink per pub - soft drinks permitted. You don't have to do all, join the fun at any pub/time.
    For full details, itinerary and your own personal Tasting Notes, click HERE.

  • BH3 AGPU Agenda

    Bristol Hash House Harriers
    37th Annual General Piss Up.


    The Eldon House, 6 Lower Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1BT.
    ZOOM meeting?

    Saturday, 4th April 2020, 7:00pm.
    Date to be arranged.

    BH3 HHH


    1. Apologies.
    2. Minutes of last meeting held on 6th April 2019 at The Greenbank Tavern, Bristol.
    3. Matters Arising from the minutes.
    4. Outgoing Officers' reports:
      1. Grand Master
      2. Hash Cash (incorporating Bristol and Allied Hashes Pension Scheme, BAHPS, report), see below
      3. Hare Raiser
      4. Stats
      5. Beer Master(s)
      6. Religious Advisor(s)
      7. Social Committee
      8. Charity fund raising, 2019-20
      9. Anyone else.
    5. Proposals for Hash and Pub Awards, 2019.
      1. Best pub.
      2. Best hash trail.
    6. Resignation of Officers.
    7. Do we need two Religious Advisors?
    8. Election of Officers.
      1. Grand Master [current Massive]
      2. Joint Masters [current Fruitcake and Irish Spew]
      3. Hash Cash [current Sleepy]
      4. On-Sec [current Sir Wolfie ]
      5. Hare Raiser [current No Shirt]
      6. Religious Advisor(s) [current Irish Spew and Fruitcake ]
      7. Beer Master [current Rebore]
      8. Stats [current Sir Wolfie]
      9. Webshite [current Sir Wolfie]
      10. Hash Horn [current Il Duche]
      11. Hash Haberdasher [current Fruitcake ]
      12. Mee Mee [current Waynetta Shiggy V.]
      13. Awards Coordinators [current Fruitcake ]
      14. Hasher Basher [current Soprano]
      15. Social Committee [current Lunchi, HBK, Grouse Sheila, Sleepy]
      16. Hash Flashers [current Hot Fuzz, Gazza]
      17. Hash Snitch [current Waynetta, Shiggy V.]
    9. Elected Grand Master proposes vote of thanks to retiring officers.
    10. Approval of Public Liability Insurance (NB: Due 1 April 2020, premium £tba).
      [PLI has been discontinued until normal activities are resumed. Wolfie.]
    11. Proposals for Bristol Hash Charity 2020-21.
      [Proposed to retain current charity for another year. Wolfie.]
    12. T-shirt policy (should we have one default design?)
      [When normal activities are resumed, it is proposed that we hold stocks of one standard design of t-shirt which can be sold (at a small profit) to hashers and visitors and also used for achievements, etc. Awards for very high numbers of runs, or other outstanding achievements, can still be organised separately. Wolfie.]
    13. Awards policy (what run count should be recognising and with what?)
    14. Should Bristol H3 become the first time-limited hash?
      [Hashing worldwide is declining. In an effort to embrace this it is proposed that we cease existance in 2033. Future t-shirt slogan: "Bristol H3 - fifty glorious years of hashing 1983-2033". Wolfie]
    15. Grande Bru - Lockdown implications. [Lunchi]
    16. Any other business.
    17. Date of next meeting.


    Bristol Hash House Harriers
    Accounts for the Year Ended 31 December 2019

    Income & Expenditure Account
    Income 2018 2019

    Membership subscriptions 495 450
    Weekly run fees 451 555
    Surplus on Haggis Bash 0 0

    Total income 946 1,005


    Down downs 328 333
    Awards 283 110
    Food after runs 23 8
    Insurance 223 233
    AGPU 216 155
    Loss on Haggis Bash 0 45

    Total expenditure 1,073 884

    Surplus/(deficit) (127) 121

    Balance Sheet
    Cash in hand 0 0
    Cash at bank 313 434

    Total cash and bank 313 434

    Less amounts owed 0 0

    Net assets 313 434

    Reserves at 1 January 2019 440 313
    Surplus/(deficit for the year) (127) 121

    Reserves at 31 December 2019 313 434





  • Sunday 3rd February 2019: Spiritual Distillation National Finals (aka "The Great British Piss Off"). After hash at Northend.
  • Saturday, 26th January 2019:

    The BH3 Social Committee (led by Grouse Shiela) proudly present:
    Robbie Burns' 260th Birthday Haggis Hash

    ~~  "it's what he would have wanted"  ~~
    This year's extravaganza will be in the Weston-Super-Mare area, travelling by train from Bristol Temple Meads leaving at around 1030hrs, returning around 1800hrs.
    Numbers are strictly limited to thirty, on a first-come basis. Text Lunchi on 07771330149 to book.
    The day will include:
    • Excellent hash trail, with stops;
    • Haggis (alternative non-sheep's-stomach-based options available);
    • Traditional neeps and tatties;
    • Robbie Burns' dramatic and poetic haggis address (may contain dirks);
    • Bagpipes;
    • Highland games;
    • Drams, booze (not all included in price).

    All this for only £15, plus your transport costs (e.g. £7.50 train from Bristol).
    Travel arrangements and timetable notes from Grouse Shiela:
    • Catch the 1026 hours train from Temple Meads to Weston Super Mare. Arrives 1100 hours.
    • Buy your own return ticket or make your own way to W-S-M.
    • Some hashers may wish to catch an earlier train and join Sir TFC for breakfast in Weston’s premier Wetherspoons, The Dragon Inn, 15 Meadow Street, W-S-M BS23 1QG.
    • There will be a trail marked, for the 10 minute walk, from Weston station to The Dragon Inn.
    • At The Dragon you can give your bags and rucksacks to our Bag Carrier, Dippy Dora.
    • 1115 hours (approx): Hash. We’ll hash to the mystery Burns location where your bags will await you. We’ll aim to arrive, via a couple of watering holes, by around 1400 hours, when the "formal" fun begins (see above).
    • There are plenty of trains back to Bristol (10 minutes and 40 minutes past each hour). Allow 20 minutes to walk to the station (which may not be the one you arrived at). Probably most hashers will wander off around 5 or 6 pm.
      Grouse Shiela.

  • Monday, 24th December 2018: Christmas Eve "French Hash". Starting from The Knights Templar, Temple Meads BS1 6DG at 14:30.
  • Saturday, 15th December 2018:

    The Bristol Hash Christmas meal and festive celebrations at The Kensington Arms, 35-37 Stanley Road, Redland BS6 6NP. Hares: Grouse and HBK, run starts 12:00 midday from the "Kenny". Pub will be open at 12:00-ish for bag drop. Food will served from 14:00 if all goes according to plan. The private room will be ours until 17:00. Very important: all drinks to be paid for by their consumers. No Secret Santa unless someone has organised one un-announced. Seasonal costume is the choice of attendees. Remind yourself of the menu here.

  • 1:30pm, Saturday, 1st December 2018: HBK's Piss Up In a Brewery Tap series. December venue: The Moor Beer Company, Days Road, St Philips BS2 0QS.
  • ~ Strictly Come Dansaking® ~

    The hasher formerly known as Lunchbox
    in association with The Bristol Hash House Harriers
    proudly presents

    "The taste of The East!"
    The 99th* Annual Curry Night!

    "It's a (prawn) cracker!"

    Date: Friday, 25th October 2019.

    This year we will be mostly eating at:

    Msala Library,
    15 High Street,
    Easton BS5 6DL.

    Tables booked for 7.30pm.

    If you have any particular dietary requirement (veggi, vegan, lactose/gluten intolerant, don't like currys, foreign food, etc), please let Lunchi know, with your next-of-kin details, in advance.
    NOTE: Warm-up pub will be The Greenbank, 57 Belle Vue Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6DP. From 6:00pm onwards.
    The event is nearly sold out, so get your booking in to Lunchi ASAP!

    Contact Lunchi (m:07771330149) for more details.
    Note: This is a Lunchi/BH3 Class Event!

    * May include annual curry nights from more than one source.
    Terms and conditions apply. Curries can go up as well as down.

  • Saturday, 27th October 2018: HBK's Piss Up In a Brewery Tap series.
    This month: The Bristol Beer Factory Brewery Tap, 291 North Street, Bedminster BS3 1JP. Meet 2:30pm.

  • Saturday 11th August 2018: Saddle Up for Lunchi's Bike Ride!

    [Not in photo: Sue You and Sir Wolfie.]
    Meet at The Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin, Hotwells, Bristol BS1 6XJ.
    Fabulous all-new route!
    Approximately 30 rural and (mostly) traffic-free miles.
    Along the way, taking morning coffee, lunch and afternoon refreshments.
    We'll return to the starting point, mid to late afternoon.

  • Sunday, 5th August 2018:
    SOPRANO'S GREAT CHARITY AUCTION, this year for BristolAfterStroke. Run at 11:00 from Dutchess Way, Stapleton BS16 1EX (HBK's house) - hared by Le Caniveau. Followed by down-downs etc. with auction starting about 13:00. Bring auction items and cash - lots of either. Barbecue to follow, starting about 14:00. Salads and breads will be available, bring stuff to cook on the barbie. Beer, cider and probably some wine will be on sale at cost prices, HBK will donate all proceeds to the auction charity. People are welcome to stay as long as there's beer and cider and the barbie's still hot.

  • Saturday, 28th July 2018:

    The Wallace and Grommit Treasure Hunt Trail! Start at noon at The Knights Templar, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6DG (near Temple Meads). See Puki for details.

  • Saturday, 23rd June 2018:
    The world-famous Hotwells Twenty, hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers, goes on-tour to the Roman City of Bath!
    Twenty-ninth (or thereabouts) glorious year!
    Starting at The King of Wessex (JD Wetherspoon), 5-10 James Street West BA1 2BX. Allow time for bargain breakfast before moving on at mid-day sharp! Full list of pubs and times below and on facebook. Otherwise, call Lunchi 07771330149 for current location. One drink per pub - soft drinks permitted. You don't have to do all, join the fun at any pub/time.

    1.) King of Wessex, James St West.
    Wetherspoons. Breakfast can be taken here. Prepare to move on at 12 noon.
    2.) Bath Brew House, 14 James St West. Move 1230hrs.
    3.) Lamb and Lion, 15 Lower Borough Walls. Move 1300hrs.
    4.) Alehouse, 1 York Street. Move 1330hrs.
    5.) Volunteer Riflemans Arms, 3 New Bond Street Place. Move1400hrs.
    6.) Old Green Tree, 12 Green Street. Move 1430hrs.
    7.) Bell, 103 Walcot Street. Move 1500hrs.
    8.) Star, 23 Vineyards. Move 1530hrs.
    9.) Assembly Inn, 16-17 Alfred Street. Move 1600hrs.
    10.) James Wine Vaults, 10 St James Street. Move 1630hrs 11.) Marlborough Tavern, 35 Marlborough Buildings. Move 1700hrs.
    12.) Hop Pole, 7 Albion Buildings, Upper Bristol Road. Move 1730hrs.
    13.) Locksbrook Inn, 103 Locksbrook Road. Move 1830hrs.
    Note that an extra 30 minutes have been timetabled here. This is to facilitate the long walk between pubs 12 and 13 and to allow for food at the Locksbrook Inn.
    14.) Golden Fleece, 1-3 Avon Buildings, Lower Bristol Road. Move 1900hrs.
    15.) Royal Oak, Lower Bristol Road, Twerton. Move 1930hrs.
    16.) Chambury, 69-70 Brook Road. Move 2000hrs.
    17.) Belvoir Castle, 32-33 Victoria Building, Lower Bristol Road. Move 2030hrs.
    18.) GPT Smokehouse, Lower Bristol Road. Move 2100hrs.
    19.) Trinity Brewery Inn, 49 – 51 James St West. Move 2130hrs.
    20.) Black Fox, 47 St James's Parade.

  • Saturday 16th June: A Yate Evening Walk. Sounds quite civilised, doesn't it? Yeah, right. If you don't live in S Glos., catch the 16:41 from Bristol Temple Meads, arriving in Yate at 17:02hrs. This circular walk will then start from the station. In the evening sunshine, we’ll amble along country footpaths through green fields and golden meadows, taking refreshment at the delightful pubs in the quaint villages of Iron Acton and Frampton Cotterell. The train back to Bristol departs Yate at 21:43.

  • Saturday, 21st April 2018: The Gloucester Road Gallon. Ljubljana Pre-Ljube, all welcome. Start at The Inn On The Green BS7 0PA, 13:00hrs. See HERE for details and tasting notes.

  • Saturday, 24th March, 7:00pm: Annual General Piss Up (AGPU).
    The Colston Arms, St Michael's Hill, Bristol BS2 8DX.
    Includes food. All welcome. Print last year's minutes HERE; agenda HERE; accounts for 2017 HERE (NB: no documents distributed on the night). Really, it's more fun than it sounds!

  • Saturday, 27th January 2018:
    The 2018 Haggis Bash!

    Celebrate 259 years since The Bard of Ayrshire's birth. Meet at The Old Bank, 20 High Street, Keynsham BS31 1DQ at 11:00am. Cost £15.00 payable in advance includes meal, whisky stop, usual trimmings. For more details see Sir Fat Controller or No Shirt.

  • Christmas Eve, 3:00pm: Le 'Ash Francais:

    Join us for the annual Christmas Eve meander around some jolly watering venues - feel free to wear christmas attire. Meet at Lloyds, The waterfront, Canons Road, Bristol BS1 5UH. Contact SV on 07867422051 or 3s/4d on 07540231657 during the eve, if you need to locate us.
  • Friday 15th December: Bristol Hash Christmas "DO"!
    THE social event of 2017.

    The Kensington Arms, Redland, Bristol.
    Cost: £31.00 (including service but not drinks). Food will be served at 7:00pm.
    £10.00 deposit to HBK (hbk@bristolhash.org.uk) ASAP, balance by Sunday December 3rd.
    Make your menu selections HERE.

  • Friday 10th November 2017: Curry Night. Spice up your life!

    Sorry, already SORRY, THIS EVENT ALREADY SOLD OUT!*, but, for those who have booked:
    We will be dining at The Old India, St Nicholas Street, Bristol BS1 1TL
    The carefully-selected set menu will be served from 8:30pm. £20.00/head (plus drinks). Prelube - Commercial Rooms (Wetherspoons), Corn Street (get there whenever you like).
    * one or two spaces may become available - contact Lunchi to enquire 07771330149.

  • Saturday 19th August 2017: Saddle Up for Lunchi's Bike Ride!



    All new route (about thirty scenic, and traffic-free, miles).
    This is an all-day event. Starting at 9:00am from Queen Square, central Bristol BS1 4LH.
    Along the way, we'll be taking morning coffee, lunch and afternoon refreshments. We will return to the start late afternoon-ish.

  • Sunday 13th August 2017, 11:00am:
    Bristol Hash House Harriers' Annual Charity Auction.
    After short hash chez Three and Fourpence (102/BS37 8YF).

    Please bring money and/or items to auction!
    Auction co-ordinated by Fairy Across the Mersey, Soprano.
    Those eating please bring something.
    Barbecue available! Bring drink contribution. Probably cheap beer available.

  • BBQ at HBK's!

    Saturday, 5th August: Barbecue in Stapleton in style with HBK. Charcoal to be lit about 3:00pm. Bring meat, fish, etc. - salads, bread supplied along with beer at cost, all other booze welcome. Check details and address with HBK t:07942194494 e:simon_hbk_littlewood@hotmail.com.
  • Saturday, 24th June 2017:
    The world-famous Hotwells Twenty
    hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers.

    A fabulous day, effortlessly combining relaxed conversation, a gentle stroll, lunch, new and old (often very old) friends and the military-style organisation which only 28 years of experience can carry off.
    No need to book. Just turn up. Bring a friend if you like!
    Meet in The Knights Templar, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6DG, where breakfast may be taken, ready to move at 12 noon. New route will take in some little-known boozers. Print the full itinerary here before the day so you can do as little or as much of the trail as you want.
    For more details contact LunchI M:07771 330 149.
  • Saturday 20th May 2017:

    The third and final Frome Valley Wander

    Start 11:00am at The Van Dyke Forum 748-756 Fishponds Road, Downend BS16 3UA. We have already trekked from the start of the Frome to Yate and from Yate to Downend. This final leg will take us from Downend right into the City Centre. The Van Dyke is a 'spoons pub so a good place for a pre-event breakfast. This is wander, not a hash.
  • Saturday, 1st April 2017, 7:00pm:

    The BH3 Annual General Piss-Up, 2017.

    The Colson Arms, St Michael's Hill BS2 8DX.

    "Be there, or be on next year's list of officers."
    Sleepy will be releasing a few shillings from the Hash Vaults to provide curry for all the attendees, including some veggie options.
    Be prepared - read last year's minutes HERE, and print the agenda HERE.

  • Friday, 24th February 2017.

    ~ BH3 Go to Kingsdown ~

    Meet in the Colston Arms, St Michael's Hill BS2 8DX, from around 6pm, moving on around 7pm.
    The pub crawl (for that's what it is) will visit some of the many delightful pubs in historic Kingsdown.

  • Friday 10th February 2017: BHHHFFFF - Don't miss The Bristol Hash House Harriers' Fabulous Frampton Five on Friday! Meet, 7:30pm, at The New Inn, Badminton Road, Mayshill, Frampton Cotterell BS36 2NT (#47 bus stop outside). Then a happy meander (leaving chalk trail) to The Globe, Frampton Cotterell. Details from Clem, Massive.
  • Saturday 28th January 2017:

    The fabulous Robbie Burns' Hash House Haggis hash bash.

    Cost is £17.00 which includes a two course meal, the traditional whisky stop on the trail and a toast to the Haggis with a hint of bagpipe.
    Start point is Yate railway station, BS37 5HZ, just after 11:00. It’s an A to B trail.
    Catch train at: Bath 10:07, Keynsham 10:17, Bristol TM 10:41, Bristol PW 10:52, Yate 11:01.
    Return: Yate 19:11, Bristol PW 19:202, Bristol TM 19:35, Keynsham 19:55, Bath 20:06.

    Contact The Fat Controller re train tickets (deal for mass purchase!)
    Contact The Fat Controller, Wetwipe, LUNCHi or Fruit Cake to book meal, etc.

  • Friday 23rd December 2016:

    The Traditional Olde Brigstowe "French" Hash.

    "Co-ordinated" by Rebore!

    • Gathering place - Wetherspoons Commercial Rooms, Corn Street;
    • Moving on at 1500hrs (arrive as early as you like!);
    • If arriving after 1500hrs phone Rebore.

    Note: A "French" Hash is not French nor is it a hash. It's an unplanned pub crawl where hashers take turns to tenir la craie ("take the chalk") and mark up a trail to the next pub (of their choice) whilst everyone else is supping in the previous pub. Come along for as little or as much as you can stand.

  • Saturday, 17th December: The social event of the year!

    The Bristol Hash Christmas Lunch, 2016.

    Meet at 12:00 noon at The Knights Templar (BS1 6DG) ready to hash at 1:00pm SHARP!
    There'll be a nice hash trail, with a few Festive Stops, ending up at a "cracking" restaurant. Great menu, hashy fun and games and plenty of booze. Your bags will be ransacked looked after, and there'll be easy access back to where you started.

    Book your place with Fruitcake before 10th December. Make your menu choices HERE then either see Fruitcake in person (27th November hash); text to 07525145861 or e-mail alisonaburgess@hotmail.com with choices and to obtain BACS bank details.

  • Saturday 3rd December:

    in Bath.

    Meet in The Salamander (3 John Street, Bath BA1 2JL) to proceed to skating from 3-4pm. Back to Salamander for pub crawl then a bite to eat at 8pm. The ice skating costs £9 which needs pre-booking so please let Soprano know if attending. If not skating then turn up for rest of Fun Day!
  • Friday 11th November: Lunchi's 99th Annual Curry Night.
    Chai Shai
    Jacob's Wells Road

    and what they said:

  • Friday, 21st October 2016: The Downend Dash! Starting at 7:30pm from The Horseshoe, Downend Road, Downend BS16 6BA. More details from 3s/4d.

  • Saturday 27th August 2016: Saddle Up for Lunchi's Bike Ride!


    Meeting at Warmley Waiting Room cafe, BS15 4NJ, at 9:45am. All-new route, taken at an easy pace, stopping for lunch and refreshments.

    See what happened on the WORDS & PICS page.

  • 21st August 2016: Annual Charity Auction/Run number 1748.

    for The Dan Hickey Fund.

    Location: 3s4d's house, 102 Kingscote, Yate BS37 8YF (plenty of parking on Shire Way).
    Time: 11:00 am for hash; auction 1:45 pm. Some food until it is all gone!
    Not hashing: There should be someone left at the house for those arriving before the hash finishes.
    What to bring: MONEY!!! Anything you have to donate, some food to share (BBQ available) and your drink of choice. (A barrel will be provided at a moderate cost). You can leave the donations and food at 3s4d's before the start of the hash.
    What can be auctioned: Hash t-shirts or other accessories, books, camping or kitchen stuff, experiences or services. E.g. last year a round of golf was auctioned.
    Can't make it: If you have anything to auction please pass it to Soprano or 3/4d or anyone else planning on going.

    If you are feeling brave you can ask someone to bid for items on your behalf (within your budget), otherwise you can donate online through Virgin Money Giving.

    All hashers (money) welcome!

  • Saturday, 18th June:
    The world-famous Hotwells Twenty
    hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers.

    Meet at The Knights Templar, The Square, Temple Quay, Central Bristol BS1 6DG, anytime on Saturday morning but be ready to move on at 12 noon, sharp. Various breakfast options are available.
    There will be an extra 15 minutes, to accommodate lunch, at around pub number 6 or 7 (around 3:00pm).
    Most people enjoy a half pint in each pub, but the choice, including non-alcoholic, is yours.
    We will move on every half hour. At 9:15pm we will leave pub 19 for the short walk to pub 20 and The Hotwells Twenty will end there, just as the sun sets on a lovely day. More pubs will be available if still thirsty.
    New route! See all the planned venues, and print your own tasting notes, HERE.
    Hotwells Light:
    Can't do the whole thing? Just come along for a few pubs. Catch up with us by reference to the itinerary (see above) or give LUNCHi a call on the day on 07771330149.
    Bristol Hash House Harriers support sensible drinking.
  • The Frome Valley Wander (part 2):

    Saturday, 28th May 2016.
    Meet Yate Railway Station, 11:00 hrs.

    Transport will be arranged to the start point in Tormarton for a nominal charge no more than £2.50. Advise 3/4d if you're coming. Alternatively, be at Majors Retreat in Tormarton by 11:30.
    We will have a 6 mile wander along the Frome Valley back to Yate Station. Probable stops at The Dog, Old Sodbury and The Horseshoe, Chipping Sodbury. The route will stick at all times as close as is possible to the Frome Valley Walkway.
    Estimated time back at Yate Station is 15:00.

    Depending on demand, 3/4d will have a barbecue back at his house, about 40 minutes walk from Yate Station. Bus available from there back to Yate station or Bristol Centre.

  • Saturday 16th April, 7:00pm: BH3 Annual General Piss-Up at The COLSON ARMS, 24 St Michael's Hill, Kingsdown, Bristol BS2 8DX. Food provided. Non-members welcome. Read last year's minutes HERE. See agenda HERE.
  • Friday 11th March: BH3 March Big Night Out does


    Meet at:

    The Spotted Cow,
    139 North Street,
    Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1EZ, at around 6pm.


    The Hare, North Street;
    The Steam Crane, North Street;
    Assembly, East Street;
    The Barley Mow, East Sreet;
    The Rope Walk, East Street.

    Arriving later? Simply look for the chalk arrows (which will include the time) along the route or contact Lunchi on 07771330149.

  • Saturday 23rd January 2016, 11:00am: Robbie Burns Haggis Hash. All usual extras including haggis (veg options), neeps, tatties, drams, poetry, bagpipes, beer stops and more surprises!

    Starting from Keynsham Railway Station BS312BN.
  • Christmas Eve: Get it all off to a flying start with Wet Wipe's infamous Christmas French Hash! Meeet 16:00hrs at The Knights Templar BS1 6DG. Get Wet Wipe's mobile number if you think you'll be later.
  • Sunday 17th January 2016: Spiritual Distillation Day. After Hash at Northend.
  • Saturday, 12th December: The social event of the year! The Bristol Hash Christmas Meal. At Sergio's Italian Restaurant, Frogmore Street, Bristol.
  • Friday, 13th November 2015: Curry Night, innit.
  • Friday, 9th October 2015: The Sodbury Six Seven! Meet 19:30hrs at The Boot Inn, 79 Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury BS37 6DE. Floor space available or number 47 bus.
  • Sunday 20th September: 1700 runs in only thirty-two years! Join the celebrations - beer stop, cake and buffet lunch. Ex-/vintage/classic, or just old, hashers particularly welcome.

    After the hash we will be celebrating in the obvious way, er, with -
    The Hash Harvest Festival!
    Bring a sample of your best home-grown produce for judging. Fabulous prizes for each of following categories:

    • Best Fruit
    • Best Vegetable
    • Best Overall item (presumably one of the above? - Ed.)
    • Rudest shaped item.

    Note from the organisers: This is a class event so no bleedin' cheaters buying stuff from Asda and covering it in shite! Thank you.

  • Saturday 22nd August: The Shaun the Sheep Treasure Hunt masterminded by Wet Wipe. Meet at CJ's Coffee House & Deli, Upper Maudlin Street BS2 8DW, opposite the Children’s Hospital. Breakfast available from 09:00; Treasure Hunt starts at 11:00. Your host, LUNCHi, is sorting out a special menu for the Hash.
  • Saturday 8th August: Saddle Up for Lunchi's Bike Ride!

    From The Knights Templar, The Square, near Temple Meads Station, Bristol.

    A leisurely 28-mile, all-new route following cycle paths and country lanes. Stopping at Chew Lake for elevenses and Stanton Drew for lunch, returning to Bristol later in the afternoon.
    A splendid time was had by all. Lots more on and the WORDS & PICS page.

  • Saturday 25th July, starting at noon: Treasure Island Trail Walk!
    This will be a guided walk through parts of Old Bristol. Your guide, Mark (landlord of The Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton), will share his extensive knowledge of Bristol's pirate past. Much of this history unfolded inside some of Bristol's old alehouses, and these locations will be fully explored. Meet at The Kings Head, 60 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6DE.
    For more information, visit The Long John Silver Trust.
  • Saturday, 20th June: The world-famous Hotwells Twenty hosted by Bristol Hash House Harriers. It's a classic! 26th glorious year! Starting at The Knights Templar near Temple Meads. Print your own itinerary AND TASTING NOTES HERE.
  • Sunday, 14th June: Soprano's Charity Auction. After the hash from 3/4d's house, Kingscote, Yate, South Glos. BS37 8YF. Park on Shire Way - no restrictions and its a short walk to house. Bring some food, booze, some money, and something to sell! Hash starts at 11:00am at junction of Shire Way and Kingscote. Buffet afterwards, (additional donations gratefully received). Some soft drinks, some retsina sloe gin (honest!) and some beers provided.
  • Saturday 6th June: Tyntesfield House Garden Tour.
    A guided walk through the grounds, gardens and arboretum of Tyntesfield park, Wraxall, N Somerset. Your guide will be Luncheon Voucher, a volunteer guide at the estate for the National Trust, whose ancestors were in service at the house.

  • The Frome Valley Rural Ramble.

    Saturday, 16th May 2015.
    • START Yate Rail station at 10:00am. Arrive by train or 47 bus from Bristol bus station.
    • DISTANCE About 10 miles, including detours to nearby pubs.
    • DURATION No more than 5 hours. Expected finish time mid-afternoon at The Van Dyke Forum, 748 Fishponds Road BS16 3UA.

  • 21st March: 2015 Annual General Piss Up (AGPU). At The Golden Guinea, Guinea Street, Bristol BS1 6SX, "Bristol's Best Back-Street Boozer".
    Read the minutes HERE.
  • 6th March: Pub Crawl. Staple Hill to Fishponds. Simple but effective. Starting from The Red Lion, 76 Broad Street, Staple Hill BS16 5NL.

  • Saturday, 14th February: Spend St. Valentine's Day with your true love - the boozer! Meet at Stag and Hounds, Old Market BS2 0EJ at 1:00pm for an organised treasure hunt for pubs!

  • 25th January 2015: Spiritual Distillation. Bring your sloes, etc., to Northend.

  • 31st January 2015: It's panto time! Oh, no it isn't! Oh, yes it f***in' is!

  • 24th January 2015: Haggis and drams to comemorate Rabbie Burns' birthday. Plus "Burns Lite" options for vegetarians and recovering alcoholics.
  • 24th December: Wet Wipe's Christmas Eve "French Hash"! (It's not really French and it's not a real hash. But it was on Christmas Eve.)
  • 14th December: BH3 Christmas Social and (shortish) hash. From The Clifton Wine Bar, Richmond Terrace, Queens Road, Clifton BS8 3AB. Fancy dress on the run (optional). Shiggy, short cuts, carols and beer stop en route (bring beer tokens). Also mince pie and mulled wine stop. All welcome on run even if not coming for sit down meal which starts at 3:00 pm. Secret Santa. Plus FANTASTIC NEW quiz from Sleepy. Says Sleepy.
  • November 14th: Friday night is Lunchi's Curry Night!. Details HERE. Basically, we go out for a curry and Lunchi gets the blame for everything that goes wrong.
Saturday, 16 August: Spiderman's Seaside Train Hash.

An all-day quality event, starting and finishing at Bath Spa or Temple Meads, with a hash en route. Pictures HERE.
3/4d's pictures HERE

Saturday 9th August: Lunchi’s Bike Ride.

Meet at College Green at 9.45am.

This will be a leisurely-paced ride (some would even say "tame"). For the most part, the all-new route will follow cycle paths. There will be a lunch stop and maybe a drinks stop or two.
We will return to Bristol late afternoon.
You will need to bring a bike.

    Saturday, 2nd August: Try to find the Cirencester Hares. It's a Treasure Hunt! Lots of fun; possibly some culture, too. All the details HERE.
  • 28th June: Midsummer Madness Auction and BBQ. 2:00pm Hash then 4:00pm auction, followed by barbecue. Venue: Rebore Towers.
  • Saturday 21st June 2014: The Longest Day! Also known as The Hotwells Twenty. (NB: In this year's Guardian List of Things To Do Just Before You Die.) Full itinerary HERE. Article from Pints West and photos HERE.
  • Monday, 21st April: Easter run with Easter Egg Hunt from The Fox, Easter Compton.
  • Saturday, 29th March 2014:

    The 32nd Annual General Piss-Up (AGPU).

      Ye (sic) Shakespeare Inn, 78 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6DR (5 minutes walk from Temple Meads; 10 minutes walk from Bus Station). Meeting in back room. The pub has four real ales - Butcombe, Bombardier, Tribute plus one guest.

      NB: Full AGPU package includes a Picture Quiz and a (Wo)Man v. Food Eating Competition! No, really! Food provided (includes veggie options) whether or not you take part in competition. All under supervision of a registered nutritionist and highly-qualified midwife.

    • Minutes will be posted here in time for next year's meeting. Honest!

  • Friday 7th March 2014:

    Following on from the success of the "Sodbury Six" and inspired by the great British explorers, such as David Livingstone, Ernest Shackleton and Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the BH3 Soc. Committee proudly present,

    It was intended that our modern-day explorers would assemble, ready for inspection, at Base-camp (aka The Inn on The Green, Horfield) at 1900hrs sharp!
    After taking on preparatory fluids, the party set off, on foot, in a southerly direction, following the route of Gloucester Road, with the intention of making it all the way to Stokes Croft by the time of Last Orders. The party was totally unsupported (except, latterly, by each other), i.e. no support vehicles nor Sherpas was used in this attempt!
    By the use of money alone, the party managed to sustain themselves on this epic trek, by purchasing drinks and nutrients at hostelries along the way.
    Some pictures HERE.

  • 25-26th January:

    The Famous Bristol Haggis Bash. A classic event returned to a classic venue - Parkend in The Forest of Dean. Pictures HERE.
  • Run 1611, 19 January 2014. Hare: Soprano. Followed by The Still House News.
    The memory of Sunday, 19 Jan is now a faint vision of blue sky and sunshine - we have hardly seen either since! (Apparently the sun shone somewhere on Skye today).
    Massive, Clem, Gazza, Public Enemy, L/Escargot, Snails Nuts, Rentahash, Hot Fuzz, Sue You, Fruitcake, Spider, Wet Wipe, Sleepy, Dolly, DrW, Puki and virgin Hasher Sue all rushed quickly out into the sunshine. (Duracell turned up much later straight from a TACH race) plus Diane.
    I decided to run the Hash down and alongside the almost flooded Brook for as short a time as possible - just in case a 'Hashing purist' relished trudging through just a bit more mud. I rather hoped though that Hashers would appreciate a bit of a (dry) climb up to, and then a bit of a trot over, Charmy Down - at least to remember what it was like to easily lift one leg in front of the other! I eventually made it to the top myself only to see L'Escargot and Snails Nuts confidently, but incorrectly, heading right down towards Stoney Lane! The continuance of the rain played havoc with the trail. A quick ON back shout and we made it to the regroup amazingly with the Hash patiently waiting for us. Did you know there are over 30 species of birds on the top of Charmy Down? It is truly an area of outstanding natural beauty - even with the now derelict world war 2 control tower and outbuildings complete with the lines of the flight paths still very evident. For me, it is a magical place, especially when jogging over the top at sunset after it has just snowed with Ringo zooming about doing twirly wirlies! Can you believe the powers that be in Bath are again considering turning the top of Charmy Down into the 'Park & Ride' to feed the east side of Bath. (Stick this with the other services down on the meadows with the train line, the canal, the river and the ugly overhead pylons I say). I feel an Emmeline Pankhurst moment coming on!
    Once in our stride and easily over the top we approached "the steps" leading down to Chilcombe Bottom. Yes, so called because Why? - chilly bottoms we all had! The precarious slippy, mud soaked descent must go down in hashing history at the sight of a lady in wellies, with a baby strapped in cloth to her back bent double with a hand on each step trying to keep control (yikes). This sight sent us all scurrying away as quickly as possible in abject horror - she wanted no help: why not change your route love? Another regroup at the bottom then Dolly, DrW and Gazza all assumed we were heading up Solsbury Hill. Ha Ha, this devious Hare had earlier abandoned that idea and we headed left through to Sevenacres Lane even missing out the right turn at the new gate again up towards Solsbury Hill (this was no valley of death Mark VI and this Hare is getting soft).
    Anyway, back home, legs washed, indescribable muddy shoes and socks at the door - the real serious business commenced:
    - The Distillation -
    Cheese and biscuits to ease the hunger pangs, beer on tap. Seven nominations (Massive's ginger and raspberry vodkas, Gazza's second entry of an Aldi bought sloe gin and Soprano's other sloe gin) - all so wonderfully distilled that, according to one of our 'top' judges: yes, that Cider drinker extraordinaire, Public Enemy, all were regarded as Highly Commended. Other obvious choices for judges were that clean palated Clem - and a Northend resident and virgin Hasher Sue. The hot news was that, as two years in succession winner, Spider's Linda had not entered - the competition was wide open. The rest of us were salivating as the three judges enviously kept us all on tenterhooks right to the end - 3rd: Soprano's sloe gin - 2nd: Fruitcake's sloe gin: 1st and clear winner: (drum roll): Gazza's sloe gin. Once all were tasted (several times) and verified as worthy contenders, the genius for me in the winner and, as Gazza himself glassy eyed and chokingly explained to a clearly mesmerised audience - during the first week of his distilling ..... he put in a clove and a cinnamon stick! Of course, another round of tasting ensued just to verify the clove and cinnamon on our own palate: much debate and a few beers later, Hashers slowly departed, leaving a select few for possibly a first Hashing experience - afternoon tea and cakes.
    On On
    Soprano x

  • ICE SKATING IN BATH, Saturday, 4th December 2014.

    Soprano reports: "Limpet, Rebore, Gazza, Public Enemy, Chilli Con Carne, Steve, Clem and I met at the Marlborough Tavern for our confidence booster then strolled down to the rink for our 4:15pm session. Once booted and suited we attacked the ice(?!!). Limpet and Public decided it was not for them but were really great supporters. The rink itself didn't appear to be bigger as reported but the food and champagne on offer in the cabins surrounding - and getting on the ice at dusk with all the twinkly lights an a busy rink made for a lovely atmosphere. We were convinced we were going to get a soaking but the huge black clouds circling overhead passed without incident (thankfully!)

    Gazza clearly hadn't lost his skills from last year, Chilli took to it like a duck to water! Her partner Steve was the dark horse and just took off immediately. The ice is still recovering from the crashing fall of Clem (yikes). Rebore again was an absolute professional. For those of you who don't know, Rebore trained with Robin Cousins all those years ago and hasn't lost his marvellous skill. He has also played ice hockey. It was a joy to see Rebore traverse the ice so beautifully. Poor Clem really did struggle early on but Rebore really helped him to start to skate over the ice rather than walk on it! I asked the attendant if Rebore could stay on the ice a bit longer after our session so he could really show us all how to skate properly - just brilliant to watch!

    Once we found our road legs we ambled down to the Salamander for a well-earned ReHash of our efforts and Puki joined us. Rebore was reliably informed that Bristol would have its own Ice Rink within 18 months. Can't wait!

    Great Fun!

    On On."

  • 24th December: The Christmas French Hash. ("It's not French and it's not a hash!") Meet at The Knights Templar, near Temple Meads BS1 6DG, at 3:00pm.

  • 15th December: The Christmas "Do". From The Clifton Wine Bar, Richmond Terrace, Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1AB.

  • 8th November: The Annual Curry Night number 99! All the usual sophistication. Photos HERE.

    Saturday, 2nd November: 1600th run! Including a Grand Day Out!
    Luxury transport from Bristol (and back), a fabulous A-B Hash set by one of BH3’s most experienced senior hashers, a fantastic circle and beer and food. Simple but effective! See Three and Fourpence's pictures HERE.

    October 30th (Wednesday): Halloween Special Charity Pub Quiz Night at The Badminton Arms, Coalpit Heath.
    Charity quiz organised by the pub in aid of The Matthew Tree Project Food Store.
    8:00pm to register teams for an 8:30pm sharp start!
    Five different rounds plus music or picture/puzzle round.
    CASH PRIZES and pub vouchers to be won, as well as a Snowball Question with a minimum of £50 cash prize!

    Saturday, 31st August 2013:

    Treasure Hunt of Bristol's famous Grommit statues!

    Meet at The Knights Templar, The Square, Temple Quay, BS1 6DG at 12:30pm for 1:00pm start.

    Entry £2.00 per person. Maps will be provided.
    Teams of three maximum can be decided on the day.
    Trail will pass various hostelries for refreshments if needed - solid or liquid!
    Finish at 6:00pm for results and prize-giving.
    No smart-arse phones, tablets or other technical wizardry to be used. Semaphore and tins with string are allowed.

      A lovely day!"

      "Mr Gazza" from Bath, UK, says:
      Excellent trail Lunchi,
      About 20 of us in the end, with a few popping up to join us at various stages of the trail, and fruitcake getting her son to drive her to meet us for lunch!
      The trail started from Warmley - would have been on time except from Waynetta arriving the standard 5-10 mins late with poor Sweaty guarding her bike til she arrived. And a surprise, Spider-Man on a bike. But his bottom didn't quite last the day......
      Easy cycle for 15 mins in good weather - time for coffee/tea at Bitton.
      More easy cycling thru to Bath, then a road crossing to the new Two Tunnels section of a cycle path leading south out of Bath. A first time thru there for most, experiencing the dimly lit narrow, atmospheric tunnels, then almost to Midford but then back on ourselves towards Limpley Stoke on quiet roads and tracks. Time for some rain, not too bad, but an excuse for refreshment at The Hop Pole. A bit of a cloud burst while we were in the garden but the smokers area was well sheltered.
      Back to the canal path towards Avoncliffe for lunch. A mile short of there and another cloud burst. Some sheltered under trees, others made a dash for the pub. Once there more beer and food orders. We found sheltered areas in the garden but it brightened up in time for food. Then some down downs. Then the rain set in again, so more beer to pass the time!
      Eventually off we set back along the cycle path to Bath. More rain as we approached The George at Bathampton. Funny how it set in near pubs. So another stop for some beer and a goodbye to Soprano and Puki as they were near home.
      Then on to Bath itself. I had the honour of leading them off the tow path along roads to Great Pultney St, and as I looked around behind me I saw a long 'crocodile' of hashing cyclists that could have been a 'lead out train' from the Tour de France.
      After leaving the town centre another pub stop, the Hop Pole on the Upper Bristol Rd. Another visit from Fruitcake via the son taxi service.
      At this point various groups filtered off back towards the Bath Briatol cycle path with appointments to make. And it was over. it had been damp in places, sunny in others, boozy in yet others. All in all, an excellent day out.
      Thanks Lunchi!

    • 22nd June: The Famous Hotwells Twenty. Lunchi says "Excellent day. Enjoyed in part by 28 and in full (in every sense of the word) by 9? - Lunchi, Sweaty, Clem, Fruitcake, Wensleydale, Puki, Our Kid, TFC, Sleepy - Have I missed anyone off?" Pictures HERE.
    • 9th June 2013: 30th Birthday celebrations! Pictures HERE.
    • 5th April: The all-new Sodbury Six. LUNCHi reports: "Seven blokes, three ladies. Sweaty got there two hours early and was 'well on his way' by the first pub. Lost Clem after we decided to move on, leaving undrunk beer in pub 'cos it was off. He caught up with us half an hour later having decided that, even though the beer wasn't good, it would be a shame to waste it."
    • 1st April: Easter Bank Holiday AND April Fool's Day - another Social Committee triumph!
    • 23rd March: The AGPU with food and games! A luxury night out at a prime Bristol location. You weren't there? We noticed! Try to make it next year.
    • The Encore Northenders Theatre Company presented Panto Time: Goldilocks and The Three Bears.
    • 26th January: Haggis Hash. Thirty-five attended this, sold out, classic event. Mystery venue - Bradford on Avon. So now you know!
    • 5th January: Ice skating in Royal Victoria Park, Bath. PICTURES
    • 30th December: Puki and Soprano's spiritual distillation. After the hash at Northend.
    • 23rd December: The Christmas meal, for if you're not yet into the festive mood.
    • 21st December: Wet Wipe's "French" Hash. Just a pub crawl really.
    • 30th November: Quiz, 20+ attended. Venue "deemed acceptable"* for future events. [* means "they take anybody".]
    • November 9th: Lunchi's Curry night. 30+ attended. Pre-meal pub to be used again. Nice to see so many BOGS joining us.
    • 11th August: Lunchi's bike ride. There and back.
    • 23rd June: The Famous Hotwells Twenty - back in its Bristol docks home!


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    Hash-style runs are usually, but not exclusively, held on public land, footpaths, or roads. No guarantee can be made that this is always the case if, for instance: public footpaths are not clearly marked either in situ or on maps; the ownership of the land is uncertain; any other reason. Each runner is free to decide whether or not to follow the marked course. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure his or her own safety and the safety of others, including non-participants, livestock and wildlife. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners/keepers. Children under sixteen years must be accompanied by, and are the responsibility of, their parents or carers. Each "hash" covers a different location and route, and is run without marshals or other officials. "Hash House Harriers" defines a style of social jogging and is not a legal entity.

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