Bristol Hash
House Harriers
First timers: to try "hashing", simply come to one of the venues below with some scruffy running gear. Don't be late - we start on time! First runs are free (a small charge - currently £1.50 - is made thereafter).
RunDateLocationOS RefHare(s)
200824/10/21 The White Hart, High Street, Bitton BS30 6HG. On A431 E of Bristol.ST681695X-rated
200931/10/21 The Prince of Waterloo, High Street, Winford BS40 8AR.ST540651Sir Spiderman
201007/11/21 The Traveller's Rest, Pensford Hill (A37), Pensford BS39 4JF. Sweaty's birthday hash bash!ST616643Sweatmonster
Friday 12th November 2021: Lunchi's famous 99th Annual Curry Night. "It'll be a prawn cracker of an evening!" Put it in your diary, dig out your elasticated trousers. See the SOCIAL page for details, when available.
201114/11/21 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
201221/11/21 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
201328/11/21 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
30th November: St Andrew's Day.
201405/12/21 T.B.A.Sir Lunchi
The Christmas "DO". Starting at The Knights Templar, Temple Meads [pc], and meandering to a great Late Lunch! See the website for booking details.ST596725Shiggy V. and Fruitcake
201619/12/21 The Blue Flame, West End, Nailsea BS48 4DE. [Venue to be confirmed.]ST448690Sir Wolfie
Joint Bristol, Greyhound and Bogs HHH run. Probably S Bristol.Walky Talky
Contact No Shirt to set a run.
Grand Master: Massive, email
Mail to: 77 Burlington Road, Bristol, BS20 7BQ, email
For up-to-date news, see our web-site:

Hash-style runs are usually, but not exclusively, held on public land, footpaths, or roads. No guarantee can be made that this is always the case if, for instance: public footpaths are not clearly marked either in situ or on maps; the ownership of the land is uncertain; any other reason. Each runner is free to decide whether or not to follow the marked course. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure his or her own safety and the safety of others, including non-participants, livestock and wildlife. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners/keepers. Children under sixteen years must be accompanied by, and are the responsibility of, their parents or carers. Each "hash" covers a different location and route, and is run without marshals or other officials. "Hash House Harriers" defines a style of social jogging and is not a legal entity.