Bristol Hash
House Harriers
All runs start at 11.00 am on Sundays, except where shown.
First timers: to try "hashing", simply come to one of the venues below with some scruffy running gear. Don't be late - we start on time! First runs are free (a small charge - currently £1.50 - is made thereafter).
RunDateLocationOS RefHare(s)
Saturday 12:00 noon
Robbie Burns 261st Birthday Celebrations. Including drams, haggis, neaps, tatties. NB: May contain bagpipes. All details on the website.ST607743Le Caniveau
Sunday, 26th January: no Bristol hash today.
192802/02/20 The Horseshoe, 41 Siston Common, E Bristol BS15 4PA. Off the A4174 ring road.ST664746Sir Spiderman
192909/02/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193016/02/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193123/02/20 T.B.A.Sir TFC
Friday 28th February 2020: An Evening in Kingsdown! A stroll through this interesting and, for some, undiscovered part of Bristol. Details on the Bristol HHH SOCIAL page.
Saturday, 29th February 2020: The Leap Year Hash House Harriers. Hare: Butthead. Details and venue T.B.A.
193201/03/20 T.B.A.Soggy Balls
193308/03/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193415/03/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193522/03/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193629/03/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
Saturday, 4th April 2020: It's the Bristol Hash AGPU (aka AGM). Have your say and get some free food! Venue T.B.A..
193705/04/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193812/04/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
193919/04/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
Thursday, 23rd April 2020: St. George's Day Hash, organised by Walky Talky of the Bogs of Somerset HHH. The Beaufort Arms, 55 North Road, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8PB. About 5 minutes walk from Parkway Train Station.
24-26th April 2020: World Interhash Trinidad. Details on website.
194026/04/20 Contact No Shirt to set this run.
UK Full Moon Nash Hash 2020 in June, on the Jurassic Coast. Details on website.
Contact No Shirt to set a run.
Grand Master: Massive, email
Mail to: 77 Burlington Road, Bristol, BS20 7BQ, email
For up-to-date news, see our web-site:

Hash-style runs are usually, but not exclusively, held on public land, footpaths, or roads. No guarantee can be made that this is always the case if, for instance: public footpaths are not clearly marked either in situ or on maps; the ownership of the land is uncertain; any other reason. Each runner is free to decide whether or not to follow the marked course. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure his or her own safety and the safety of others, including non-participants, livestock and wildlife. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners/keepers. Children under sixteen years must be accompanied by, and are the responsibility of, their parents or carers. Each "hash" covers a different location and route, and is run without marshals or other officials. "Hash House Harriers" defines a style of social jogging and is not a legal entity.