UK Nash Hash 2013.

Gazza attempts some sort of closure.

2013 Nash Hash, hosted by Hardys, was based in an isolated Dorset educational site for kids (a grander version of Parkend) between Crewkerne and Beaminster. Some hashers (ie Scoop, Trolley and friends) boarded in the grand hall and adjacent modern dormitories but the rest of us peasants camped in the extensive grounds. A smaller attendance than recent events, not quite at the 500 mark, but probably all the better for it. And lessons learnt from previous events with plenty of food though maybe more Portaloos would have helped, but some of us found the good quality toilets hidden in the dorms. Dr Z saved the day, when he fixed some very dodgy plumbing to all the portable showers on site. An unsung hero.

Not many Bristol area hashers but we hosted a cider event on the Saturday afternoon with more scrumpy than ever, which went down very well. Numbers could have been higher but we clashed with a London event and Trolley's invite was a literary achievement to rival Joyce's Ulysses! Samples shown on request......

Loads of good beer in the large beer tent, several brews and yet more cider.

Buses each day to several trails, with double-deckers charging down narrow country lanes. Warbler was on top form with safety briefings on the top deck based on assuming a crouched position and screaming as yet another low branch thumped into the upper deck windows. Most trails seemed to be near the Jurassic coast about 15 miles south of the site. Magnum, Public Enemy and I did the ball breaker trail that truly lived up to its billing, with a run from the coast back to the site, with various GPS watches indicating between 17-19 miles at the end! That finished my legs for the rest of the weekend.

The skits were good. The two Hardy ones especially. One based on a synchronised swimmers team, and one with two gents in tutus doing an elegant ballet with balls sandwiched between them.

Martini/Soraya, our local down down hero, entered the womens down down competition last, and finished a 2 pint mug, or Stein, not sure which, in 10.8 seconds, well ahead of any competition. She was only bettered by two men in their competition, the East Grinsted favourite finishing in 8 seconds with an unknown "boy", who insisted on being nude, close behind in 8.3 seconds.

We all survived a tough drinking weekend. Sound bite of the weekend came from a casual conversation with Kneed. "Women are funny" says he - from a man not known for being non-amusing himself...