- The location was chosen in true hashing style – yes, a proper Hash pub. What a difference the Hash makes to a venue – first of all Richard and his team have added such an ambience to a string of run-down pubs and now the Swan too has been given the ‘special’ Hash treatment and it is rejuvenated: it even now has a car park which makes it all look terribly Posh when you drive by which adds a touch of Spice to your meal and your bottle of Becks. Then, yet again for this occasion, we were greeted by an absolutely perfect summer’s day - and the Hash arrived! Right from the start everyone clearly was up for the occasion – just a quiet understanding that this was our Special day for the hash to be together. Is it really 6 years now since Public Enema passed away? The passage of time clearly has not diminished the enthusiasm of the Hash to celebrate Public Enema’s life – for that is what we are doing. As sad as we are that Public has not been around for such a long time now and as much as we miss him – We are not focussing on Public’s passing but doing what he would have wanted us to do – celebrating his life. We are also getting together to raise (by now) a lot of money - in Public’s memory - for the Oncology ward at the Bristol RI which took care of Dave, plus Cancer UK. It is a day that Public Enema is jogging along beside us and we think of him during our one minute’s silence, which is always observed so beautifully. Thank you to HBK for a super hash which snaked us along the river bank with the inevitable ‘up’ the hill by road, around the top and down in to the pub from that marvellous path down through the fields – fantastic.

- Now why does Clem have to make such a spectacle of himself – do you think he works on it or is it something that come naturally? Or am I being harsh? Why did Rosie’s jaw drop every time Clem started to speak? And then, why, oh why, did Clem have to wear his bra over his T-shirt in such a disrespectful way? And not to wear his leather, oversized ski gloves after Wet Wipe had gone to such trouble to bring them along was just not couture darling, but the consolation was that his new tights certainly added weight and his smart hat stature (?). Hmmm ….. Why did Wet Wipe bid successfully for an IQ challenge when her intellect challenges the Bristol Hash circle every Sunday morning? Why did everyone laugh when the separated at birth picture of cupcake appeared? Do you think Mad Max has played her Scott Walker CD since last June? I was also wondering what Guy might look like in his Pierre Cardin underwear … sorry…. Has Knead learnt anything since reading his 7 Pillars of Wisdom? And what makes Rodders turn into such a gentleman on this one afternoon in the year? These were the hashing conundrums that mystified me as I started to pen this write up whilst reflecting last year.

- Well done to Kerbcrawler and Puki for jointly purchasing the framed ‘perpetual trophy’ of Public and pushing the bid to £100! And thank you to Sleepy for keeping such fine accounts: clearly he shines when in the horizontal after a barrel or two of Gem: we look forward to Sleepy keeping us in order as the bidding intensifies!

- Just a present day conundrum: Why, oh why, did Greyhound have to arrange a canoeing trip over the same weekend as the Memorial Hash - I am mystified!

- I am sure you will all wish to be updated on the Memorial Hash finances, which are impressive indeed, and I have listed them here for your ease. This write up will go on the web, but only if Wolfie promises not to go abroad again (ahem):

Hash Memorial Finances to date::

Initial Collection raised in lieu of Flowers - 2001600-00
Mystery Hash to Oxford and First Memorial Hash+Soprano’s famous auction – Sep 2002 408-00
Iron Maiden’s London Marathon in 3 hrs 49 mins – April 2003 246-00
Kerb Krawler’s London Marathon run in 4 hrs 15 min – April 20035,000-00
Second Memorial Hash and Soprano’s famous auction - Bath Ales Brewery – 2003 954-30
Plus Raffle 78-00
Third Memorial Hash and Soprano’s famous auction – Hop Pole, Bath – 20041,027-30
Fourth Memorial Hash and Soprano’s famous auction, Boat House, Bath – 1,500-30
Fifth Memorial Hash and Soprano’s famous auction – Swan, Swineford – 20061,454-00

A magnificent £11,267-60 has been raised so far by the Hash for mostly the Oncology Ward at the Bristol RI with partial funds being presented to Cancer UK. Well done - I hope you all have an enjoyable day at the Northend Inn and enjoy the BBQ.

ON ON - Soprano