Minutes of the 21st Annual General Piss-Up held on 29th March 2003 at the Old Castle Green, Old Market, Bristol.
Minutes Secretary: Wolfie.

1. Introduction.

1.1. Chairing the meeting, the outgoing G.M., Lunchbox, began by welcoming those attending, remarking that it was now several years since a Bristol HHH AGPU had been held at the Old Castle Green. He noted that many hashers had expressed their sadness on hearing the news of the death of the popular and genial former landlord, David Legge. He said that quoted comments which had appeared, briefly, on the web site publicising tonight's event, stating that Mr Legge was a "miserable old git", had been taken out of context.

1.2. The Chairman felt that it should be placed on record that, at this uncertain time, with the international situation being what it was, and one of our own, Old Charlie Legover, facing God knows what for Queen and Country, it was reassuring to discover that it was still possible to get a pint of Wickwar Best for 1.00. Although the chairman felt it was unnecessary, the feeling from the floor on this matter was so strong that a motion was proposed that "a decent cask-conditioned ale for 1.00 a pint in this day and age is a bleeding miracle", which was carried overwhelmingly.

2. Apologies.

Waynetta apologised for hitting Lightning.

3. Outgoing Officers' reports.

3.1. Grand-Master.

Lunchbox explained, despite some heckling, that it had been his intention to steer a steady ship during this, his second term of office, the first being 1991-2. He described his pride in taking the club through the 1000th run, and beyond. He continued by comparing the last year with the leg of a relay race, his GM-ship being like the baton. He went on, despite a rising tide of derision and jeering, to recollect the pleasure he had gained in setting what many people had considered to be five of the best runs of the year. He felt that he should take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for him last year, and (now shouting above howls of protest) his family, particularly as it has been a busy time for them all, what with moving and everything. After some further remarks, inaudible to the minutes secretary, he sat down in tears.

3.2. Hash Cash. Click for copy of accounts in MS-EXCEL format.

Very unusually, Fat Controller was not present, but had provided a Profit and Loss Account for the year-ended 31/12/2002, which was distributed. After some prompting by those around him, Duvet said that he thought the accounts "didn't add up". When asked why, he said that he didn't know because he wasn't an accountant. Lunchbox, Wolfie and Spiderman conferred and decided to put the matter to the meeting. The proposal that "The Accounts DO add up" was carried by a majority of 3 to 2, with 31 abstentions.

3.3. On-Sec.

Wolfie said that he had nothing to report as On-Sec, mainly because he had never really understood what the On-Sec was supposed to do. He did, however, say that he also did the Stats, and that it had been an eventful year for stats, due to having to widen the field on his computer where he types the run number, from three to four characters because of doing over 1000 runs. Someone in the now-hushed audience coughed, and the mumbled words "sad fucker" could clearly be heard.

3.4. Hare Raiser.

Spiderman said that he had organised an exhibition of old hare-raiser diaries, including the very popular one which had a recipe each week (donated by the Sweatmonster Foundation), and that they would be on show at the end of the room, after the meeting, for anyone interested. Those wishing to see his current diary should ask to make an appointment.

4. Resignation of Officers

Resignation Down-Downs were administered.

5. Food was served. This year a buffet format was provided on the theme of clingfilm. Wolfie commented, informally, on the improvements made to the Gents since his last visit. In preparing these minutes, he has a vague recollection of checking out the Ladies, too, while he was about it, for which, if true, he apologises.

6. Personal Statement By Lunchbox.

Lunchbox stated that, on the matter of the Grand Bru Scandal, 1989, he was still working on the case, having dismissed his legal team, and would "leave it 'til next year".

7. Election of Officers.

The following officers were nominated, seconded and elected for the year 2003-4:

Grand Master: Fat Controller;
Joint Masters: Clem and Duvet;
On-Sec, Stats and Webshite: Wolfie;
Hash Cash: Fat Controller;
Hare Raiser: Spiderman;
Religious Advisor: Lunchbox;
Beer Master: Iron Maiden;
Mee-mee: Anyone remember?;
Haberdasher: Gazza;
Horn: Col. Klink;
Hash M.A.S.H: Skippy;
Social Committee: Soprano, Skippy, Iron Maiden.

8. Any Other Business:

Lightning said Waynetta was talking bollocks, but failed to elaborate.

9. Date of Next Meeting.

Some time next year.