John "Sex Goddess" Warren.

Died Brussels, 25th June 2010. Funeral held in Brussels, 2nd July 2010.
Pictures Waynetta.
Obituary by Alan Farr:
What a great mate he was. I last saw him 2 weeks ago busy quaffing the Guinness at St. Anthony's Summer Fayre - a local Irish church open day with lots of live music. He was singing the praises of the Belgian police who had escorted him home after a particularly boozy night. Amazing, never happens anywhere else.

But now this. He'll be sorely missed in many places. He was such a likeable guy. He remained a go-getter all the way; ready to travel across Europe to have a job. Prior to his last contract at Airbus UK, which lasted 8 years, he trekked each weekend to and from Munich and, before that, Frankfurt. He was out Hashing, or otherwise enjoying himself, several days a week, wherever he was.

He had the most amazing amount of energy. Two or three social events in an evening was quite regular for him. By the time he turned up somewhere, he'd often overdone it somewhere else already, or just arrived back on a Eurostar from London and simply propped himself up in the bar. Every Saturday afternoon, he'd run at the Brussels Hash House Harriers, Sunday afternoons he'd run with the Brussels Manneke Pis Hash House Harriers; 17-18h00, back in his car for the 8-hour drive back to Munich, or wherever. Living on his nerves, as he put it. He even said that, were he to pack up doing so many things just one after the other, then he'd probably collapse.

Way back when things had been going well for him in Belgium, he was a member of BLOC - Brussels Light Opera Company, participating in some of the early productions. Even though his wife left him eventually, he continued finding computing contracts around Europe and succeeded in putting both his chidren through university, one in France, the other in England.

He'd been more or less idle, following the demise of his contract at Airbus, for nearly two months. He was anticipating being taken on at Airbus, Toulouse.

Two of John's brothers.

John's partner, Alison

Brussels hashing friends, with Stretch and Wet Wipe.

A third brother.

One of John's many Brussels haunts, with Wet Wipe.

Bristol hashers Wet Wipe, Stretch and Waynetta.