Bogs' ASS Hash 2013.

Gazza's review:

Just returned from the ASS Hash weekend, my second in a row. This one was about 2 miles SE of Chard almost on the Devon boarder. Organised extremely well by Brigadoon, as usual, with help from loads of the BOGS regulars who I'm sufficiently unfamiliar with to name exhaustively. And I know we rib him sometimes but Rebore was also extremely handy and helpful. If only he had a 'mute' button for those occasions that need it! And he never moans unlike most of the rest of us...

As the weekend approached I was a bit apprehensive as the weather forecast looked grim, with drizzle and heavier rain forecast over much of the period. In fact, apart from a brief shower on Sun morning it was dry, and when the sun was out, quite warm. Nights were chilly but if you layered up that was OK.

Cider featured strongly as an evening entertainment (plus some lovely guitar strumming). My sloe gin also disappeared pretty quickly. But it was a far less boozy weekend than say Nash Hash recently. BOGS are a mellow bunch and conversation mixed with some beer/cider and an excellent Sat evening dinner outside (cordon blue sausage in cider by Fondue) made the camping (on a lovely wooded site) really relaxing.

There were hashes on each of the days; on the Friday evening a disorientating loop from the site through some fine local villages that ended up in a pub close to the site for some sandwiches; much of Saturday was occupied by a trail looping through excellent scenery, with beer stops in great locations, ending in a Weatherspoons in Chard (one with character for a change, an old cinema); and Sunday morning continued the cider theme with a trail from a cider farm some miles north of the camp after we'd packed up, finishing for a chili and rice lunch in the local pub.

But if I never see another fishhook again it'll be too soon! Seriously, that did help keep the pack together with probably a 50/50 mix of joggers and walkers. We never got spread out and that helped the social nature of the weekend.

I've never run with BOGS before as they are too far away for me and K&A run that night too. But they are a lovely bunch, just the right balance of booziness, fun and exercise. You could do worse than try next years event......


Well reviewed Gazza.

It was a highly enjoyable weekend, with some fine trail setting in an astonishingly pretty part of the country - we'll be going back there ourselves for another camping weekend sometime in the next few weeks.

Very well organised, Brigadoon and cohorts: put me down for next year please!

On On !

Duracell (or Portuguese Hand Pump if you prefer).

Well said Gaz it was great fun splendid trails, delicious food, lovely heated outdoor pool and camp fire entertainment. Thank you BOGS can I come next year please?

On on, Waynetta.