Minutes of the 37th Annual General Piss-Up held on Saturday, 6th April 2019 at The Greenbank Tavern, 57 Belle Vue Road, Bristol BS5 6DP.
Minutes Secretary: Wolfie.

Massive, the current Grand Master, opened the formal meeting by welcoming those present.

  1. Apologies for absence had been received from No Shirt, Fruitcake Gazza, Public Enemy. Rebore, Clem and Grouse Sheila.

  2. Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting, held on 24th March 2018, were approved.

  3. Matters Arising from the minutes. There were none.

  4. Outgoing officers' reports.
    1. Grand Master. Massive said that, once again, he had persued a "firm but fair" disciplinary policy.

    2. Hash Cash. Sleepy distributed a statement of finances to the end of 2018, (see below). Following a brief but ugly scuffle, the financial statement was accepted by a narrow majority.

      Puki enquired about the current state of the Bristol and Allied Hashes Pension Scheme (BAHPS). Sleepy reported that, following further "careful management", it was proposed to maintain the qualifying pension age at 97 for the financial period 2019/20. Any hasher still running a minimum number of forty times a year at that age would qualify.

    3. Stats. Wolfie reported that there had been a decrease on last year in the average number of hashers per week, from 22 to 21. He added that the highest number of runners was 35 on run 1862, 28th October, from The Salthouse, Clevedon (joint run with Oxford HHH). Hares: Houdini and Cinders. The fewest number of runners (9) was run 1844, 24th June, from The Crown at Bathford. Hare: Puki.
      Wolfie reminded the meeting that extensive reports could be found on the website.

    4. Hare Raiser: Sir TFC said that the year had run like clockwork as usual, except when Irish Spew was hospitalised prior to his run (1870) from The Star in Tickenham on the day before Christmas Eve.
      Soprano commented that often consecutive run locations were too close to each other. Shiggy said that she thought anyone prepared to set a hash could set it where they chose.

    5. Social Committee: Lunchi reported on a generally successful year, with usual events including Hotwells 20, Bike Ride, Curry, Piss Up In a Brewery Tap, etc.

    6. Charity Donations: Soprano announced that £550 had been raised, almost all via her Auction of Hash Memorabilia and General Tat (venue curtesy of HBK), and donated to the Bristol After Stroke charity. A vote of thanks to Soprano for her untiring cash-raising efforts, particularly via the annual auction, for the Hash charities was proposed and carried unanimously.

  5. Best Pub. The Beaufort, Hawkesbury Upton. What, again?

  6. Resignation of Officers. In accordance with Hash AGPU rules, the officers present resigned en masse. Down-downs were downed-downed by the outgoing officials.

  7. Election of Officers. The following officers were elected:

    • Grand Master: Massive.
    • Joint Masters: Fruitcake and Irish Spew.
    • Hash Cash: Sleepy.
    • On-Sec: Sir Wolfie.
    • Hare Raiser: No Shirt.
    • Religious Advisers: Irish Spew and Fruitcake.
    • Beer Meister: Rebore.
    • Stats: Sir Wolfie.
    • Webshite: Sir Wolfie.
    • Hash Horn: Il Duche.
    • Hash Haberdasher: Fruitcake.
    • Awards Co-ordinators: Fruitcake.
    • Mee Mee: Shiggy V and Waynetta.
    • Hasher Basher: Soprano.
    • Social Committee: LunchI, Grouse Sheila, HBK and Sleepy.
    • Hash Flash: Hot Fuzz.
    • Hash Snitch: Waynetta.

    Down-downs were downed-downed by the incoming officials.

  8. Renewal of Public Liability Insurance. Despite objections from a minority, it was voted to renew PL Insurance for the year to 31 March 2020. Quoted premium is £233.02.

  9. Proposals for Bristol Hash Charity 2018-19. A number of charities were proposed, but the majority decided to support Bristol Street Life, which has provided hot meals, drinks, soup, cold meal packs and clothing on the streets of Bristol. Volunteers are drawn mainly from local churches and others from the community.

  10. Any Other Business.

    Sleepy said that, despite his careful management of hash funds, he felt that the time had come to make a small increase to the amount paid per run. After a number of options were discussed it was decided that the charge per run would be increased to £1.50 and the alternative six-monthly rate to £20.00, with effect from 1st July 2019.

  11. Date of Next Meeting: No date was set.

Appendix: Accounts for the year to 31 December 2018 were submitted as follows: