Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Piss-Up held on 21st March 2015 at The Golden Guinea, Guinea Street, Bristol.
Minutes Secretary: Wolfie.

Massive, the current Grand Master, opened the formal meeting by welcoming those present.

  1. Apologies. Apologies for absence had been received from Lunchbox and Spiderman.

  2. Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting, held on 29th March 2014, were approved.

  3. Matters Arising. There were none.

  4. Outgoing officers' reports.

    1. Grand Master. Massive said that he had maintained a steady ship.

    2. Hash Cash. Sleepy said that he had distributed a statement of finances to the end of 2014 "electronically", and would be available on the website, (see below). Careful management and the help of a cost-cutting team had enabled him to minimise the current deficit at £2.00. Following a brief scuffle it was voted by a narrow majority to accept the accounts for 2014.

      Puki enquired about the current state of the Bristol and Allied Hashes Pension Scheme (BAHPS). Sleepy said that, following careful management, it was proposed to maintain the qualifying pension age at 97 for the financial period 2015/16. Following a brief scuffle the proposal was accepted.

    3. Stats. Wolfie reported that there had been a small decrease in the average number of hashers per week, from 28 to 25. Closer examination, however, had revealed a higher quality of hasher than the previous year. He reminded the meeting that extensive reports could be found on the website.

    4. Hare Raiser. Fat Controller said he was going to Wembley tomorrow.

    5. Beer Masters: Shiggy Valentine reported that Clem had been a major drain on down-down funds during the year.

    6. Social Committee: Waynetta, with encouragement and input from Wet Wipe and Sleepy, listed the various social events, too numerous to name here, that the committee had "organised" during the year. She blamed Lunchi for the evening's chilly and physically-unsuitable venue.

  5. Best Pub Awards. The Horseshoe, Chipping Sodbury, was awarded Best Pub, mainly due to the free roast potatoes they gave us.

  6. Resignation of Officers. In accordance with Hash AGPU rules, the officers present resigned en masse. Down-downs were downed.

  7. Election of Officers. The following officers were elected:

    • Grand Master: Massive.

    • Joint Masters: Clem and Sweatmonster.

    • Hash Cash: Sleepy.

    • On-Sec: Wolfie.

    • Hare Raiser: Fat Controller.

    • Joint Religious Advisers: Gazza and Three and Fourpence.

    • Beer Meisters: Walky Talky and Irish Spew.

    • Stats: Wolfie.

    • Webshite: Wolfie.

    • Hash Horn: Lunchi.

    • Hash Haberdasher: Soprano.

    • Awards Co-ordinator: Wet Wipe.

    • Mee Mees: Soprano and Nose Job (subject to a three-month probationary period).

    • Hasher Basher: Soprano.

    • Social Committee: Wet Wipe, Lunchi, HBK, Waynetta, Mad Max, Rebore, Limpet and Fruitcake.

    • Hash Flash: Three and Fourpence.

    • Hash Snitches: Public Enemy, Lunchi, Waynetta and Walky Talky.

  8. Any Other Business.

    There was no further business.

  9. Date of Next Meeting: TBA.
The meeting ended at 9:30pm. Mad Max, Public Enemy and Wolfie, ("Cat's Whiskers") won the quiz.

Appendix: Accounts for the year to 31 December 2014 were submitted as follows:

Income & Expenditure Account

Income 2013 2014

Membership subscriptions 405 420

Weekly run fees 730 714

Surplus from Haggis Bash 51 143

Christmas hash 12 0

Total income 1,198 1,277


Down downs 391 463

Awards 188 200

Food after runs 196 67

Insurance 200 200

Deficit on 1600th run 51 0

Deficit on Christmas hash 0 105

AGPU 178 184

Website 0 60

Total expenditure 1,204 1,279

Surplus/(deficit) (6) (2)

Balance Sheet

Cash in hand 89 140

Cash at bank 639 469

Total cash and bank 728 609

Less balance owed to St Georges H3 (117) 0

Net assets 611 609

Reserves at 1 January 2014 617 611

Surplus/(deficit for the year) -6 -2

Reserves at 31 December 2014 611 609