Minutes of the 31st Annual General Piss-Up held on 23rd March 2013 at Horts' Bar, Broad Street, Bristol.
Minutes Secretary: Wolfie.

Massive, the current Grand Master, opened the formal meeting by welcoming those present.

  1. Apologies. Apologies had been received from Lunchbox and Fat Controller.

  2. Minutes of the last meeting. The minutes of the last meeting, held on 7th April 2012, were approved.

  3. Matters Arising. Lunchbox, although not present, reported in writing that a PPI claims company had recently approached him and, after a series of telephone conversations, had agreed to represent him in the matter of the Grand-Bru Beer Money Fraud of 1991. He was currently in negotiations with The Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays Bank and would report progress when appropriate.

  4. Outgoing officers' reports.

    1. Grand Master. Massive said that, due to circumstances largely beyond his control, it had been a very wet year.

    2. Hash Cash. Sleepy distributed accounts which are included with, and form part of, these minutes (see below).

      • Puki enquired about the current state of the Bristol and Allied Hashes Pension Scheme (BAHPS). Sleepy said that, as a precaution, it had been decided to raise the qualifying pension age by one year, which would make it 97 for the financial period 2013/14.

      • Lunchbox, although not present, had submitted the following written comment: "I have heard rumours from The City that BH3 is to lose it's AAA rating. I would be prepared to donate a packet of four AAAs, although I think they are Duracell's." Sleepy stated that any donations, of almost any kind, are welcome.

      Following a vote the accounts were approved.

    3. Hare Raiser. Fat Controller was not present. Lunchbox, also not present, had submitted the following written question: "Can Fat Controller continue as Hare Raiser as well as cope with the strains of two daughters and the stress of early retirement?" The meeting agreed that he probably could, although none of us is getting any younger.

    4. Religious Advisors: Wet Wipe reported that, contrary to all expectations, the combination of she and Lunchbox, as Religious Advisors and HBK and Clem as Beer Masters, had worked well.

    5. Beer Masters: HBK was not present at this point in the meeting, Clem was asleep. Lunchbox, although also not present, had submitted the following written comment: "Why was there no beer at Clem and Fruitcake's run from The White Horse, Hambrook?" Massive stated that this matter was currently the subject of an independent enquiry which would report in the Autumn, and was, to all intents and purposes, sub judice.

    6. Webshite: Wolfie reported that a technical problem with the combined West of England Hashes website, specifically relating to the run lists, had now been resolved (with the exception of the combined lists which would be working soon). Lunchbox, although not present, had expressed concerns about the viability of the website as Wolfie was starting to show the strains of a life defined by the standards of an earlier, post-war era, and all that went with the life-style and mores of that ground-breaking but, in many ways, tragic period. He felt that the time had come to make preparations for Wolfie's inevitable death or, at best, debilitating illness. In response Wolfie, clearly in an uncharacteristically up-beat and optimistic mood, said that, although he had had a few regrets, they were, in fact, too few to mention, and that, as from 23rd February, he was completely free of all known venereal diseases. Despite this good news, and in response to Lunchbox's concerns, he intended to supply a locked metal box to the Hash men in grey shorts containing details of the actual location of the website, including file structures, passwords, etc. which would be opened in the event of the inevitable occurring.

    7. Stats: Wolfie stated that, in 2012, the average number of hashers per hash was 26, exactly the same as in 2011. He reminded the meeting that extensive reports could be found on the website. Lunchbox, although not present, wanted to know what had happened to Alice in Wonderland. Clem, now conscious, proposed that, if Lunchbox wanted to ask so many fucking questions, he ought to attend the fucking meeting. The proposal was seconded and carried unnanimously.

    8. Hash Habberdasher: Wet Wipe awarded commemorative shirts to Gazza (600 hashes) and to Trolley Dolly (200 hashes).

    9. Social Committee: Waynetta, with support from Wet Wipe and Soprano, listed the various social events the committee had organised during the year, including the venue and food for the current evening. In a shameless bid for re-election, Waynetta hinted at the number of favours she would be able to call in from various pub and restaurant owners during the forthcoming year. She said that the regular meetings of the committee had worked well, Sweatmonster having failed to attend any of them.

    10. Hash Horn: In another desperate attempt to cling onto power, Gazza reported that he got his own horn for Christmas, and that it would be a "shame to waste it".

  5. Proposals for Hash and Pub Awards. As those present could smell the impending arrival of the food, this section was rather rushed and only two proposals were made.

    1. Worst hash location. Duracell's hash from Doynton was proposed, although it was felt that Duracell, for all his undoubted many and various faults, could not really be blamed for the weather. This trifling objection was over-ruled and the proposal carried by a large majority.

    2. Best pub for service, beer, range of light snacks, carpark, toilets and prices. Number 55 at Northend was proposed, seconded and carried. Of particular note was the warm welcome, generous snacks and extremely favourable prices.

  6. Resignation of Officers. In accordance with Hash AGPU rules, the officers present resigned en masse. Down-downs were downed.
Food was served. The reaction of those attending was very favourable. All the dishes had been previously passed by Waynetta.

Including the pies.

  1. Election of Officers. The following officers were elected:

    • Grand Master: Massive.

    • Joint Masters: Wet Wipe and Scoop.

    • Hash Cash: Sleepy.

    • On-Sec: Wolfie.

    • Hare Raiser: Fat Controller.

    • Joint Religious Advisers: Wet Wipe and Rebore.

    • Beer Meisters: Lunchbox and Shiggy Valentine.

    • Stats: Wolfie.

    • Webshite: Wolfie.

    • Hash Horn: Gazza.

    • Assistant Hash Horn: Tumbling Ted.

    • Hash Haberdasher: Wet Wipe.

    • Awards Co-ordinator: Wet Wipe.

    • Mee Mees: Soprano and Puki (subject to a three-month probationary period).

    • Assistant Mee Mee: Clem.

    • Awards Coordinator: Wet Wipe.

    • Hasher Basher: Soprano.

    • Social Committee: Wet Wipe, Waynetta, Lunchbox, Soprano, Rebore and Sweatmonster.

    • Hash Flash: Doctor Z and Three and Fourpence.

    • Hash Snitches: Waynetta and Lunchbox.

  2. Any Other Business.

    • Soprano stated that she would be holding an important birthday celebration in mid-August which would incorporate a charity-related auction.

    • Insurance. Spiderman made the point that, by insuring ourselves we are effectively conceding that we consider ourselves to be a legal entity and, by so doing, encourage claims on us as a group. Nevertheless, it was felt by the majority to be prudent to continue with public liability insurance.

    • Nominated Charity. The 2012-13 Bristol Hash Charity was The Avon Wildlife Trust, which is dedicated to working with local volunteers who look after 35 wildlife and nature reserves and two visitor centres within the area covered by Bristol Hash. Massive proposed that we continue with the same charity for the next year, which was agreed by the majority.

  3. Date of Next Meeting: Saturday, 29st March 2014.
The meeting ended at 10:00pm.

Appendix: Accounts for the year to 31 December 2012 were submitted as follows:

Bristol Hash House Harriers
Accounts for the Year Ended 31 December 2012

Income & Expenditure Account

Income 2011 2012

Membership subscriptions 435 525

Weekly run fees 564 602

Haggis Bash 575 655

Christmas hash 0 270

Total income 1,574 2,052


Down downs 348 330

Awards 122 261

Food after runs 150 36

Insurance 200 200

Haggis Bash 594 635

AGPU 0 175

Nash Hash prelube 156 0

Christmas hash 285 283

Total expenditure 1,855 1,920

Surplus/(deficit) (281) 132

Balance Sheet

Cash in hand 166 65

Cash at bank 466 699

Total cash and bank 632 764

Less balance owed to St Georges H3 (147) (147)

Net assets 485 617

Reserves at 1 January 2012 766 485

Surplus/(deficit for the year) (281) 132

Reserves at 31 December 2012 485 617