Run List

Covid-19: From mid-May, groups of up to 30 people can meet outdoors. More than 30 starters on the day will be split into two groups and leave separately. Please follow current government advice concerning travel and social distancing. Runs start on Mondays at 7:000pm, Tuesdays following Bank Holidays - see list.
Arrangements at pubs after the hash may vary from week to week.

Run Date Venue Map Hare(s)
168921/06/21 The Jubilee Inn, Main Road (A370), Flax Bourton, E of Backwell BS48 3QX. ST513694 REWIND
169028/06/21 T.B.A. Eager Beaver
169105/07/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169212/07/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169319/07/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169426/07/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169502/08/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169609/08/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169716/08/21 Contact Le Caniveau to set this run.
169823/08/21 The Clyde Arms, Corner of Redland Park (off Whiteladies) and Hampton Road, Redland BS6 6JE. Rent Boy's birthday hash. ST578745 Rent Boy
Monday, 30th August: Late Summer bank holiday.
T.B.A. Waynetta
30th November: St Andrew's Day.
Contact Le Caniveau, paulhodges723@yahoo.co.uk to set a hash.
Hares! Please report any poorly-maintained footpaths to Travelog at The Open Spaces Society. E&OE.

Hash-style runs are usually, but not exclusively, held on public land, footpaths, or roads. No guarantee can be made that this is always the case if, for instance: public footpaths are not clearly marked either in situ or on maps; the ownership of the land is uncertain; any other reason. Each runner is free to decide whether or not to follow the marked course. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure his or her own safety and the safety of others, including non-participants, livestock and wildlife. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners/keepers. Children under sixteen years must be accompanied by, and are the responsibility of, their parents or carers. Each "hash" covers a different location and route, and is run without marshals or other officials. "Hash House Harriers" defines a style of social jogging and is not a legal entity.

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