NEXT RUN (Monday, 24/06/24): The Chalcombe Inn (formerly Blathwayt Arms), Lansdown, N Bath BA1 9BT. Full list HERE.

HHH Bristol Greyhound HHH logo ello, and a warm welcome to the Bristol Greyhound Hash House Harriers' web site. The Bristol Greyhound Hash was formed in 1988 by engineers working on a shopping mall project, based around a pub called The Greyhound, in central Bristol - an historic city and inland port in the West of England. Although the pub facade still stands, it is now used as the entrance to that very same shopping mall and only the ghosts of old drinkers remain.

But there are plenty more pubs in the area, and runs take place from carefully-selected examples, within about ten miles of the city centre, every Monday at 7.00 pm (with a few exceptions - click above for the Run List) and are designed to last between an hour and an hour-and-a quarter. See "What IS Hashing?" (panel on left) for what Hashing is all about, and for details of the other hashes in the area.


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