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Hash number 1507 from The White Horse, Hambrook.
Date: 12th June 2017.
Hare: Mr Magoo.






© Too Early.

Hash number 1506 from The Hall and Woodhouse, Portishead.
Date: 22nd May 2017.
Hare: S t r e t c h.

Winners of the Gayhound Month of May Animals pubs receive their awards and Stretch shows off the salt he set the trail in!





© Too Early.

Greyhound HHH Dammit Sweater Tour, 2017.









© BGH3 unless claimed by photographer.

Hash number 1505 from The Salmon Inn, Wanswell, Berkeley, Glos.
Date: 22nd May 2017.
Hare: Plodders and Wanda.

Fourth in the May Gayhounds Series, and the start of the Dammit Sweater Tour (see next entry).


© Too Early.

Hash number 1504 from The White Hart, Iron Acton, S Glos.
Date: 15th May 2017.
Hare: Lunchi.

Third in the May Gayhounds Series.

From the new hasher...

Virgin Charlie drops some heavy hints about his future hash name.

...to the new syrup:

Dammit cuts a rug.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1503 from The Bear Inn, Hotwells.
Date: 8th May 2017.
Hare: Too Early.

Second in the May Gayhounds Series.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1501 from The Post Office Tavern, Westbury-on-Trym.
Date: 24th April 2017.
Hare: No Direction.

Boom Boom and Mr Magoo's homecoming.

© Too Early.

Kim Jong-un welcomes Bristol Greyhound hashers to Korea.
Date: 9th April 2017.
Boom Boom and Mr Magoo complete the North Korea half marathon.

Hash number 1498 from The King Billy, Hallen.
Date: 10th April 2017.
Hare: Beavis.

Alice's 1100th and Sweaty's 500th.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1497 from The Golden Lion, Gloucester Road, Bristol. .
Date: 3rd April 2017.
Hare: Boom Boom.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1496 from The Kings Arms Easton in Gordano.
Date: 27th March 2017.
Hare: Dammit.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1495 from The Bowl Inn, Lower Almondsbury.
Date: 20th March 2017.
Hare: Butthead.

Alice's 1100th!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1491 from The Anchor Inn, Moreton, Thornbury.
Date: 20th Febuary 2017.
Hare: Blue Rinse.

The Magnificent Six.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1488 from The Crown Inn, Keynsham, Bristol.
Date: 30th January 2017.
Hare: Rebore.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1481 from The Nova Scotia, Hotwells, Bristol.
Date: 5th December 2016.
Hare: Too Early.

Aubrey 2's early attempts at mass hypnotism
meet with limited success...

...until Dammit is persuaded to push a chip
into his ear!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1480 from The Piercefield, Chepstow.
Date: 5th December 2016.
Hares: Droop and Moneypenny.

The Thoughtful Hash...

© Too Early.

Hash number 1479 from The Victoria, Westbury-on-Trym.
Date: 28th November 2016.
Hare: Dammit.

Vistors from Seatle Perfect Fazier and Karen:

Plus the usual old regulars:

© Too Early.

Hash number 1478 from Chums Micro Pub, Chandos Road, Redland.
Date: 21st November 2016.
Hare: Bad Hare Day.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1477 from 99 Gloucester Road (formerly The Foresters).
Date: 14th November 2016.
Hare and Birthday Boy: Sweatmonster

© Too Early.

Hash number 1476. Alice's Firework Party, Failand.
Date: 7th November 2016.
Hare: Alice.

Dammit gets another down-down!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1475 from The Black Swan, Stoke Lane, Westbury on Trym.
Date: 31st October 2016.
Hare: Butthead.

Including the 2016 AGPU.

REWIND reports on highlights of the evening:

" Walky Talky wins the GOAT award.

GOAT=Greyhounds Outstanding Achievement Trophy.

Achievements can be good or bad. Nine nominations this year for differerent people. Walky won award for setting the hash from the Salthouse pub in Clevedon that finished on an island in the middle of Marine Lake. From memory 11 people enjoyed a post-run swim. One contender was the Hare who set a check midway across the Clifton suspension bridge.

NB: On way to the hash Sweaty overheard one of the little kids doing trick or treat say "He looks scary". Sweaty says that was before he had even put on his mask!"

Hash number 1473 from The Rising Sun Pensford.
Date: 17rd October 2016.
Hare: Boom Boom.

Strange things going on in the country with alien landing strips immune to everything but horses hooves, dead crows and Hot Fuzz's x-ray eyes! But some things never change - Dammit gets a Down Down!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1471 from The Fleece. Hillesley.
Date: 3rd October 2016.
Hare: Mr Kipling.

...and a chance meeting in the dark with one of the founders of The Greyhound Hash, Phantom, AKA Malcolm, AKA Gordon Sargeant:

© Too Early.

Hash number 1470 from The Angel, Long Ashton.
Date: 28th September 2016.
Hare: Beavis.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1468 from The King's Head, Bishopsworth.
Date: 12th September 2016.
Hare: Travelog.

Butthead awards last year's Bluebell awards with a poem - only 18 months late!


© Too Early.

Hash number 1466 from The Rose and Crown, Rangeworthy.
Date: 30th August 2016.
Hare: Dammit.

© Too Early.

Hash number 1465 from The Clyde Arms, Redland Park, Bristol.
Date: 22ndh August 2016.
Hare: Rent Boy.

Including Rent Boy's annual barbecue!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1461 from The Salthouse, Clevedon.
Date: 25th July 2016.
Hare: Walky Talky.

Including optional swim in the new Marine Lake!

© Too Early.

Hash number 1454 from The Beaufort Arms, Hawkesbury Upton.
Date: 6th June 2016.
Hare: Waynetta.

© Too Early.

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