Run number: 1831.
Date: 4th March 2024.
From: The Failand Inn, Failand.
Hare: Alice.

Pic by © Too Early.

Run number: 1820.
Date: 18th December 2023.
From: The Beehive, Wellington Hill, Bristol.
Hare: Dammit.
Party Organisers: Moneypenny and Droop.

Pic by © 3/4d.

Run number: 1818.
Date: 4th December 2023.
From: The Star Inn, Pucklechurch.
Hare: X-Rated.
This year's GOATs: Droop and Moneypenny.

Pic by © Dammit.

Run number: 1814.
Date: 6th November 2023.
From: The George Inn, Abbots Leigh.
Hares: Waynetta and Dammit.
Bristol Greyhound HHH successfully split the atom!

Pic by ©  Talking Pictures.

Run number: 1813.
Date: 30th October 2023.
From: The White Horse, Hambrook.
Hare: Eager Beaver.

Pic by ©  Waynetta.

Run number: 1804.
Date: 29th August 2023.
From: The Rose and Crown, Wick.
Hare: Eager Beaver.

Pic by © S t r e t c h.

Run number: 1803.
Date: 21st August 2023.
From: The Clyde Arms, Redland.
Hare: Bad Hare Day.

Rent "Boy"'s 81st!

Pic by © Too Early.

Run number: 1791.
Date: 30th May 2023.
From: The Hall and Woodhouse, Portishead.
Hares: Walky Talky and Fonue.
The last of the May "3H" hashes.

Pic by © Dammit.

Run number: 1777.
Date: 20th February 2023.
From: The Alma Tavern, Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol.
Hare: S t r e t c h.

Pic by © Too Early.

Run number: 1772.
Date: 16th January 2023.
From: Redwood Farm Inn, Catbrain Lane, NW Bristol.
Hare: Le Caniveau.

Pic by © Too Early.

Run number: 1770.
Date: 3rd January 2023.
From: The Willy Wicket, Badminton Road, Downend.
Hare: S t r e t c h.

Blinded by The Light!

Pic by © WT.

Run number: 1766.
Date: 5th December 2022.
From: The King's Head, 91 Bridgwater Road, Bedminster Down.
Hare: Eager Beaver.

Pic by ©Too Early.

Run number: 1760.
Date: 24th October 2022.
From: The Orchard, Hannover Place, Spike Island.
Hare: Peeping Tom.


Pics by ©Too Early.

Run number: 1756.
Date: 26th September 2022.
From: The Nova Scotia, Hotwells, Bristol.
Hare: Bad Hare Day.



Pics by ©Too Early.

Run number: 1751.
Date: 22nd August 2022.
From: The Lamplighters, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol.
Hare: Walky Talky.


Pic by ©Hot Fuzz.

Rent Boy celebrates his
Eightieth Birthday!
From Chums Micro Pub in Redland, Bristol.
Run number: 1750. Date 15th August 2022.
Hare: Bad Hare Day.

Spoilt for choice!


Audrey 2 celebrates thirty years of hashing at Thornbury!
Date: 20 June 2022.
Run no: 1742.



Hash 1714:
The Mill House, Stoke Bishop.
Date: 13th December 2021.
Hares: Old Legover.

The Greyhound KKK HHH under cover of darkness:



Our fellow-hasher and friend Tony "Rebore" Bishop died suddenly on 26th June 2021, a great shock to all who knew him. He was an enthusiastic and very regular hasher, but more importantly was a popular and much-loved character. Many hashers remember his friendly, approacheable, personality. He ran with all the local clubs, up to the week before his death, and will leave a large, very quiet, hole in the lives of local hashers and among his wide circle of family and friends.

Hash 1663:
The Fox, Inner Down.
Date: 7th September 2020.
Hares: Captain Jack and Jaxy.

© BH, 2020.

Hash 1661:
Redland Green, by the church.
Rent Boy's birthday and BYO picnic run.
Date: 24th August 2020.
Hare: Beavis.

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1660:
The Three Tuns, Chepstow.
Date: 17th August 2020.
Hares: Moneypenny and Droop.

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1657:
Frenchay Common.
Date: 27th July 2020.
Hare: Shiggy Valentine.

The 7:00pm pod: three made it to the first regroup; only Cap'n Jack to the second!

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1655:
The Star, Mangotsfield.
Date: 13th July 2020.
Hare: Sweatmonster.

Duracell's lightning strike, and...

...Beavis's 60th.

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1654:
Easter Compton Recreation Ground.
Date: 6th July 2020.
Hare: Beavis.

"Get orf my field!"

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1649:
The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Hillgrove Street North, Kingsdown. (Start from The Hare on the Hill).
Date: 9th March 2020.
Hare: Waynetta and Bad Hare Day.

Le Caniveau, Bad Hare Day on fire, Sweaty in green head to foot with Captain Jack in front amongst others celebrating a very damp Mad March Hare run.

© REWIND, 2020.

Hash 1648:
The Rudgleigh Inn, Easton in Gordano. Alice's (76th!) birthday run.
Date: 2nd March 2020.
Hare: Alice.

Alice: Plans run; sets run; runs run; eats cake...


© Jaxi, 2020.

Hash 1647:
The Traveller's Rest, Pensford.
Date: 24th February 2020.
Hare: Rebore.

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1645:
The Hollow Tree, Bradley Stoke.
Date: 10th February 2020.
Hare: Cap'n Jack.

© Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1644:
The George Inn, Abbots Leigh.
Date: 3rd February 2020.
Hare: Dammit.

Last one in the rush to get back to the pub,

...and check the latest body-shaming messages on social media.

© JAXI, 2020.

Hash 1643:
The Hope and Anchor, Shirehampton.
Date: 27th January 2020.

Le Caniveau strikes again.

© BGH3, 2020.

Hash 1642:
The Eastfield Inn, 219 Henleaze Road, N Bristol.
Hares: Mr Magoo and Boom Boom.
Date: 20th January 2020.

There was some gentle hashing, but undocumented. Better lighting for the Down-Downs:

© jclancastle, 2020.

Hash 1641:
The Orchard, Hannover Place, Spike Island, Bristol Docks.
Hare: Too Early.
Date: 13th January 2020.

One Too Early made earlier.


© WT and Too Early, 2020.

Hash 1640: Snuffy Jack's Ale House, Fishponds Road.
Hare: Le Carneveau.
Date: 6th January 2020.


© Too Early, 2020.
And Cap'n Jack gets a new hat, courtesy of Waynetta:

© REWIND, 2020

Hash 1637: The Wellington BGHHH Xmas Do.
Hares: Aubrey 2 and Too Early.

Date: 16th December 2019.


© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1636: The White Lion, Frenchay,
Hares: Boom Boom and Mr Magoo.
Date: 9th December 2019.
The welcome return of No Direction and the awarding of the GOAT trophy to Cap'n Jack and Jaxi:


© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1632 Sweatmonster's three-score years and ten!
From The Draper's Arms, Gloucester Road, Horfield, Bristol.
Date: 11th November 2019.



© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1631 Alice's Fireworks Do!
Date: 4th November 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1630 The Millhouse, Stoke Bishop, Bristol.
Hare: Mister Magoo. Date: 28th October 2019.


© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1629 The Black Horse, Clapton in Gordano.
Hare: Dammit. Date: 21st October 2019.

Can you spot the V-bomb? And REWIND briefly becomes a small but integral part of the National Grid.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1625 The Star at Pill.
Hare: Walky Talky. Date: 23rd September 2019.

The usual crowd, plus a few celebs...

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1623 Cap'n Jack's Cabin, Chapel Road, Oldbury-on-Severn.
Date: 9th September 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1622 The Portcullis, Wellington Terrace, Clifton.
Date: 2nd September 2019.
Hare: Audrey 2.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1621 The Salmon, Wanswell.
Hares: Dr Deaf and Lick Allsorts. Date: 27th August 2019. Run 1621 Run 1621 Run 1621 Run 1621 Run 1621 Run 1621 Run 1621
© Too Early, 2019.

Run 1620: The Clyde Arms Redland. Rent Boy's Birthday hash and barbecue.
Date: 19nd August 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Run 1618: The Ashton. Hares: Bad Hare Day, Waynetta and Le Carniveau
Date: 5th August 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Run 1616: The Masons Arms Winterbourne. Hare Sweatmonster.
Date: 22nd July 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Run 1615: The Three Tuns, Hotwells.
Hares: No Direction and Butthead.
Date: 15th July 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1613: The Rose and Crown, Pucklechurch.
Hare Le Carniveau
Date: 24th June 2019.

The naming of Lick Allsorts, pursued by a man from the local asylum!

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1612: The Westbury Park Tavern.
Hare: Too Early.
Date: 24th June 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1611: The Jubilee Inn Flax Bourton. Strawberry Moon theme. Hare: REWIND.
Plus the May Royal Flush Awards.
Date: 17th June 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash 1610: The Mason's Arms
Hare: Waynetta.
Date: 10th June 2019.

© jclancastle, 2019.

Hash 1609: The Bowl Inn, Lower Almondsbury
Hare: No Direction.
Date: 3rd June 2019.
The naming of Jaxi...

Greyhound run 1609
Greyhound run 1609
Greyhound run 1609
Greyhound run 1609
Greyhound run 1609
Greyhound run 1609

© Too Early, 2019.

Hash No 1607 The Victoria Ale House, Clifton.
Hare: Audrey II.
Date: 20th May 2019.

© Too Early.

Hash No 1606 The Royal George Thornbury,
Hares Mr McGoo and Boom Boom
Date: 13th May 2019.

© Walky Talky.

Hash 1604: Hash 1604 the Rising Sun Frampton Cotterell.
Hare: Capn Jack.
Date: 29th April 2019.

© Too Early, 2019.

Run 1602, The Anchor, Church Road, Oldbury-on-Severn.
Hare: No Direction.
Date: 15th April 2019.

© Walky Talky.

Run 1601, The Royal Oak, Bibstone, Cromhall, near Wotton-under-Edge.
Hares: Moneypenny and Droop.
Date: 8th April 2019.

1600th run! The Fleece, Hillesley, Glos.
Hare: Rodders.
Date: 1st April 2019.


Greyhound HHH Dammit Sweater Tour, 2017.

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